The next Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 3pm CET at Palladium, Södergatan 15, Malmö.

Shareholders wishing to attend must be registered in the share register held by VPC AB not later than April 30, 2008 and must also notify the company not later than 4pm CET on April 30, 2008 . Written notification is to be sent to the company by mail to Duni AB, Att: Bolagsstämman, P O Box 237, SE-201 22 Malmö, Sweden, by fax to +46 40 396630 or by e-mail to On registration shareholders must state their name, personal identity number or corporate identity number, address, phone number and if applicable number of attending deputies.

Legal representatives as well as corporate body representatives are requested to present proof of authority in good time. Proxy form can be downloaded here.

To have the right to participate in the Annual General Meeting nominee shareholders must request to be temporarily entered in the share register held by VPC AB as owners in their own name. Such registration, so-called voting right registration, must be carried out not later than Wednesday, April 30, 2008, which means that shareholders must notify the fund manager of such well before this date. 

Notice of the Annual General Meeting will be published before the Annual General Meeting and in accordance with the time limitations stated in the Swedish Companies Act.

Any shareholder who wishes to have a matter included on the agenda at the Annual General Meeting must submit a written request to the Board of Directors to that effect. The request must be received by the Board of Directors of Duni not less than seven weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting, so that the matter may be included in the notice. Requests are to be submitted by e-mail not later than March 19 to or by mail  to Duni AB, Att: Bolagsstämman, P O Box 237, SE-201 22 Malmö, Sweden.

Duni AB, P.O Box 237, SE 201 22 MALMÖ, Sweden. Tel: + 46 40 10 62 00