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Breakfast & Brunch

Whether you’re serving in a cafe or setting up a buffet, you'll know all about the morning rush. But with our practical collection, busy never means hectic.

Our extensive collection of napkins, fuss-free tablecoverings, coffee cups and more are perfect for breakfast and brunch service. All combine quality, cost-effectiveness and style, saving staff time and making the right impression on guests. Take our self-adhesive tableskirts; they tranform an ordinary table into an elegant buffet in seconds.

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Build your brand

Build your brand

Compostable unicolours

Compostable unicolours

Meal Service 2015

Meal Service 2015

Serve a smarter breakfast

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Build your brand

Customised cups are a great way to stand out from the coffee cup crowd. And get your name around town. From the café to the subway and up to the meeting room, your logo will go everywhere your signature vanilla latte goes.

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Barista 101

Surprise guests with thoughtful details. Take a coffee stirrer, dip it into the outer foam and write a word or create a design in the white centre. Wipe off the stirrer between strokes so the design stays neat.

Homemade touches

Give purchased cereals a lift by placing them in glass jars. Add bowls of nuts and dried fruit and your guests can create their “own” cereal.

Wake up their senses

Don’t let lunch and dinner have all the personality. A little colour goes a long way in creating a fresh morning atmosphere. Citrus tones like lime green, lemon yellow and orange are especially at home on the breakfast table.

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