With Duni’s deli boxes, form and functionality meet contemporary and innovative design.

Attractive packaging design will draw customers' attention. We offer crystal clear packaging for cold dishes as well as packaging for reheating. So whether you're serving a warm daily special over the counter or providing chilled meals from the shelf, Duni has a solution for you.

NewSaladbox Bagasse

Featuring a 100% compostable bowl made from bagasse, a lid made from 80% recycled material and excellent thermal properties, our versatile range of ecoecho™ salad bowls sends an impressive signal to today’s eco-conscious customers.

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Professional Table Top 2014

Professional Table Top 2014

Professional Meal Service 2014

Professional Meal Service 2014

Compostable unicolours

Compostable unicolours

Stylish packaging

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Smarter cardboard boxes

Our Cardboard Range is made of FSC®-certified paper. It’s grease resistant and excellent for immediate or same-day use. There are a sealable and a non-sealable solutions, both of which feature a clear window.

Built to serve your needs

Our new metal Napkin Dispenser is handmade in Germany. With robust design and lasting material, it will satisfy your highest demands. Make a quick and easy refill with our pre-folded napkins.

Functional packaging

Make it easy for yourself. With our flexible DUNIFORM® concept, you’ll find the right combination of tray, sealing machine and film in no time.

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Make a environmental statement

Duni Sandwich Boxes are made of recycled water bottles, which helps to reduce waste and CO2 emissions. They're available in three useful shapes, which are easy to stack and won’t take up unnecessary space.

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