Social catering

Our social catering solutions are created with efficiency – and your customers’ taste buds - in mind.

Single or multiple portions, sealable and stackable – whatever your needs, we have the trays to match. For space-efficient deliveries, choose from our wide range of boxes. Knowing that your packaging solutions are economical, efficient, environmentally-friendly and highly hygienic, you can concentrate on the thing you do best – food.

NewLED goes where candles can’t

Now Duni has found a way to bring the warm glow of candlelight to facilities with fires restrictions. Our LED Rechargeable Candles are safe, energy-efficient and fit in both Moody Candle Holder and Patio.

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Build your brand

Build your brand

Compostable unicolours

Compostable unicolours

Meal Service 2015

Meal Service 2015

Deliver something delicious

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A fine display

Our rectangular Cater Line Trays are designed to solve your storage space issues. Choose the colour, height and number of compartments that suit your needs.

Functional packaging

Make it easy for yourself. With our flexible DUNIFORM® concept, you’ll find the right combination of tray, sealing machine and film in no time.

See Duniform®

Deliveries made easy

Your customers expect their food to arrive fresh. Our practical thermo boxes are lightweight, stackable and make your transport super-efficient.

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