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Whether youare a caterer, retailer or restaurateur, we offer you the ideal in-house packaging solution: Duniform®. It features the Duniform® Sealing Concept – an automatic tray sealing method that locks in the flavours and keeps your guests coming back for more.

The one-stop-shop Duniform® concept gives you a highly cost-effective, reliable and flexible solution - tailored to your needs - which grows as your business grows.

Green PP Take-away Trays

Bio-based Green Take-away Trays offer the same performance as PP and are fully recyclable. Made from plants, these trays are microwave and freezer friendly, useable for hot and cold food, sealable and fit existing Duniform® machines and cassettes.

Green PP

Duni symbols explained

Boxes and trays which are safe to put in the microwave. They retain their shape even after heating or reheating.
The lid always stays clear on Duni’s anti-fog boxes. So customers get a good view of the contents and food stays looking fresh.
The product can be sealed in a DUNIFORM® machine.

Specially designed trays for reheating, cooking or baking in an oven.
· For PP-trays up to max. 125°C
· For CPET-trays up to max. 220°C
Maximum temperatures may be lower depending on food, oven type, heating programme or time and other factors.


Hot peel
Hot peel film has to be warm or heated, otherwise it might tear.

Cold peel
Cold peel film can be peeled off (opened) when the film is refrigerated.

Custom made
Individual, tailor-made product packaging.

Product provides excellent insulation, kepping drinks hot or cold longer. 

Tear off
Hinged lid for covenient meal preparation. Easy storage. Easy to tar off.

Leak resistant
IIdeal for transport. Featured in a selected range of Duni Boxes.

Optimum Stackability
Space-saving in the kitchen. Makes food preparation easier. Prepared meals can be stacked during transport in a cold state.

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Compostable unicolours

Compostable unicolours

Turning packaging into profitability

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Smart packaging machines

Duni offers a variety of machines in its Duniform® Sealing Concept. Whatever your requirements or budget, we are certain you will find the right sealig solution for your operation.

Top quality transport solutions

Our extensive Thermo range of bags and boxes combines clever innovations, quality and practicality. The integrated clips on our side-or-top loadable Thermo bags make carrying several at once much easier.

DF46 Duniform®

The new DF46 Duniform® is an automatic tray sealing machine that can seal all trays in our Duniform® range. Its compact and flexible design makes it a good choice for small to medium sized businesses in the food industry.

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