Boxes and bowls

You put a lot of effort into your culinary creations, so don’t compromise on the food packaging you serve them in. Build your brand with our boxes and bowls.

If you work in the catering or take-away business, you’ll know how important food packaging is to your bottom line. We offer a large array of take-away boxes and accessories for all types of fresh and warm foods, including ecoecho™ options designed for optimal sustainability.

Cardboard Soup Cups

Our white Cardboard Soup Cups put your delicious creations centre stage. The cups are comfortable to hold and have a venting lid for steaming soups. They’re also great for noodle dishes.

Quality symbols

As always, Duni has a large variety of products to make your operation run smoothly and efficiently. Depending on the occasion, you will need different levels of quality and different properties. Our labelling system makes it easier for you to choose the right products.

When only the best will do.

The fine balance between good looks and good value for money.

The big winner when it comes to large events and price is an important factor.


Other symbols

To make your choices easier and provide you with relevant information about product usability we have marked our product with different symbols. These symbols will provide you with an instant idea as to the products’ practical benefits.

   Product can be heated in a microwave oven.
Product provides excellent insulation, keeping drinks hot or cold longer.


Catalogues - English (intl.)

Table Top 2015

Table Top 2015

Meal Service 2015

Meal Service 2015

Build your brand

Build your brand

Eco Echo 2015

Eco Echo 2015

Compostable unicolours

Compostable unicolours

Not just any food packaging

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Your brand on the go

The take-away and catering businesses are very competitive. So it’s good to know that simply by using well-designed customised packaging, you can get an edge on your competition. We offer expert advice and several levels of customisation to suit different budgets.

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For today and tomorrow

Many of today’s customers expect food to be served in sustainable packaging that is designed to minimise environmental impact. That is why our extensive and stylish Duni ecoecho™ range is made from responsibly sourced materials.

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