Cups & Glasses

Should it be classic? Fun? Colourful? Elegant?

Well we cater for all your needs an all of your parties. Flair the elegant wine glass that will add som luxury or Clorix the bright coloured cups that will add some fun.

Your choice to decide the look but all products are disposable so they are very convenient time savers.

Quality symbols

Different occasions demand different levels of quality. Our Star Rating system is an easy and fast guide when you have to make a decision concerning what quality you will need, from simple gatherings to special events.


3 stars
Indicate Premium Selection, often high quality design articles that satisfy your demand for an impressive ambiance.

2 stars
Indicate Medium Selection, with a very good quality for more sophisticated demands.

1 star
Indicates Basic Selection, often bigger packs and very convenient.


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Consumer 2014

Consumer 2014

Consumer Assortment 2014

Consumer Assortment 2014

Fun or elegant? Pick your choice

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It’s not just the bold colours that make our Colorix Plastic Cups stand out. They have textured sides for an added dimension of fun.


Flair is a wide range of party tableware products for every occation.

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