Duni Amuse-bouche®

FEAST YOUR EYES: Duni Amuse-bouche® concept

The Duni Amuse-bouche® concept is all about perfecting presentation and preparation. It combines a suite of complimentary, convenient and crystal-clear Duni Amuse-bouches®, which accentuate the beauty of your culinary creations. 

In addition, thanks to the bit portion sizes, these also enable you to gain control over exactly what your guests eat – and set up and clear away faster. The result? More time to watch your guests’ jaws drop as you serve up a glittering array of treats.

Stylish. Secure. Space-efficient.

In addition to the Duni Amuse-bouches®, the concept also offers a suite of innovative items that simplify preparation, transport and display. These are all designed to work together seamlessly and be reusable. 

For instance, the concept offers super-transparent display trays, acrylic stands and cocktail plates. These enable you set-up glistening displays in space-limited areas. The concept also offers secure transport solutions that free up time better spent on service.


  • Greater control over costs with bit portion sizes
  • Simplified transport 
  • Optimal hygiene
  • Space-efficient presentation
  • Dishwasher-safe trays, plates and stands


Repeat business is the cornerstone of any successful restaurant or catering business. Achieving this means offering a memorable customer experience. Distinctive, user-friendly design helps you to provide this. 

Complimentary, convenient and classy

This thinking is at the heart of the design philosophy behind the Duni Amuse-bouche® concept. It’s why all the items in the collection work together seamlessly and why they combine to make food look super-delicious. 

Better guest experience

The design of Duni Amuse-bouches® simplifies operations too. And that means happier staff with more time for guests. And that means happier customers who bring repeat business.


Want to make make your guests' jaws drop – and your staff’s smiles wider? Check out our acrylic stands. They let you create stunning displays in space-limited areas. These make your food look like works of art and enable you set up and clear faster.


Design your perfect mood

Every meal creates a golden opportunity to add a special something – what we at Duni call ‘goodfoodmood®’. We instil this into every product we make – whether it’s for a kid’s birthday party or an exclusive corporate dinner. So how will you create your goodfoodmood? Check out our catalogues for inspiration.

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