Design & innovation

Guiding principles: Form, function and the environment are the guiding principles of Duni Design & innovation.

Form – for the visual feast of colours, shapes and prints we present each year. Our designers continually scour the landscape to develop new style groups and complementary collections which suit every season and every occasion.

Function – for the innovations which improve our products’ functionality, like multi-purpose table mats with napkin and cutlery pockets, insulated takeaway bowls for hot food, or handy water-resistant table covers.

Environment – a consideration in everything we do and every new product we create. This means e.g. finding a water-based, organic ink in the right colour for a new printed design; or exploring the resource efficiency and recyclability of a new kind of disposable plate.

More and more of our products are made from sustainable materials, such as recycled PET bottles and organic, biodegradable plastic.  All the products in our Duni ecoecho™ assortment have been developed with the goal of limiting the use of non-renewable resources and reducing our CO2 footprint which makes them the natural choice for environmentally-conscious householders and businesses.

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