14/02/2012 11:00

Dressed up for Spring & Easter

At Duni we know that spring means hectic times for our customers. This is why our nicely designed collection for this season ensures a great combination of time saving ways of creating just the right atmosphere for your restaurant in spring and for the festive season of Easter. So, let the sun in and be prepared to dress up your restaurant for new season!

Spring news

Don’t just settle for mouth-watering chocolates – go for some eye candy too. Our bright and beautiful Tilla collection lights up the table. The combination of Tilla and Check shows how traditional patterns can be mixed for an updated look. Together they bring a burst of sunshine that will be a welcome sight for guest after he winter season!

Capture the spirit of Easter

Easter lunch is one of the most important meals of the year for many guests and it is also a family occasion. Our Easter collection is designed to convey a bright, festive atmosphere as well as being appealing to all ages.

Busy but not hectic

In the middle of a holiday meal it is key that staff save time without guests feeling rushed. Duni Duetto® placemats and Duni Sacchetto napkin pockets helps make turnover easier and it’s great for outdoor since the napkin won’t fly away!

Duni napkins and table covers are FSC certified.


Images in high resolution are available for download at Duni.com/press-images.

Dressed up for Spring & Easter

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