The trends are created by our designer Karin Nyhuis and this year the collection contains four different trends for 2014.


Journey through time Treasures

Making our way towards new horizons, there is a sensual flirtation with the magical past- from Industrial West to the Oriental East. The eclectic table knows no boundaries: retro coffee pots, crockery in rich tones of honey and spice and bright- colloured napkins.

natures evolution  

Nature´s Evolution

A realisation of our human responsibiliteies creates an urge to go back to basics. Green is the theme; plenty of wood, sustainable paper and botanical prints, setting the tone for a home-grown meal served on a bed of leaves and branches.

cosy napking and cupcake  

Building relationships

Through fun and eye-catching details in contrasting colours, the modern table provides a setting to build long-lasting and strong relationships on a deeper level. Innovation, creativity and growth come from real meetings between human beings. There is always time for a break.

cosy living  

A cosy way of living

The sleek and modern look is fading, giving room to a warmer, personal and more playful tone at the table. Focus is on traditional: familiar patterns on beautiful old-style crockery touching a nerve of nostalgia. It is feminine and romantic, indulging in colourful napkins and floral tablecloths.

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