Looking forward

Duni’s convenient table top products look set to become even more popular in the coming years, as the interest in interior design steadily grows.

Table settings are a cost-effective way of creating atmosphere in private homes and restaurants. At the same time, lifestyle trends drive the need for greater practicality. The result of adults working hours is that people are choosing to spend their free time on leisure activities rather than household chores. As a consequence, more people dine out, which is positive for Duni with a big majority of sales to restaurant, hotels and catering companies. Theme-based concepts are increasingly popular in restaurants and hotels, which is reflected in the popularity of our table top series and special, customised products. In the interests of convenience, restaurants and hotels are shifting away from the use of linen and towards more practical disposable concepts. Find out more about demographic trends influencing Duni.

With our broad range of coordinated table top concepts, Duni is in a good position to meet this increasing demand. We are also continuing to develop the range, so that new products are frequently added, designs are updated, and new materials are used to add functionality and improve the environmental profile of our products. Find out more about Duni design & innovation.

All companies in the world today need to consider the environmental challenges and the way they run their businesses and Duni is no exception. We are constantly striving to reduce the negative impact of our products and processes. This important question is addressed on several levels, with an ambitious programme of environmental targets for 2012. View environmental policies and targets.

We have also started compiling a special eco-friendly product range for serving and meal solution products, called Duni Ecoecho™.

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