Dreams do come true


Make kids dreams come true

If you are looking to host the ‘best-ever’ party for your kids, our versatile collection makes it easy.

It offers a wide choice of matching, disposable items – such as tablecovers, plates, glasses, cutlery and balloons – in a choice of fun themes that are sure to fill the air with laughter and smiles.

So whether your little one wants to be a pirate captain, fairy princess, or the captain of the world’s best football team, you can make their dream come true. Let the fun begin!

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The perfect party for your kid



Bring the party outside! Have the day for a football game and prepare the dining in your garden.

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Have Fun

Young or old, we all like to celebrate in style. Why not make a surprice party for your best friend or your little siblings.

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Captain Jack

Set the ship for sails! Invite to a great pirate party and let everyone search for the hidden treasure that´s under the fun table setting.

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