At Duni’s manufacturing plants, experts in design, functionality and quality all work hard to ensure your Duni table top products live up to their reputation for fine design, practical application and premium quality.

We have papermills in Skåpafors and Dals Långed in Sweden and manufacturing operations in Bramsche, Germany and Poznan, Poland.

Papermills: Skåpafors and Dals Långed, Sweden
These mills produce tissue and airlaid and is the basis for Duni's manufacturing of table-top products. Half of the production is sold to external customers. Since 2004, our papermills have been run by Duni’s subsidiary, Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid AB. 200 people are employed at the mills.

Factory: Bramsche, Germany
375 people are employed at our Bramsche plant. This is a facility of 53 000 m² with a production area of 20 000 m² and raw material warehouse area of 
9 300 m².

Factory: Poznan, Poland
250 employees work at our factory in Poznan in Poland. This is a facility of 
16 000 m² with a raw material warehouse of 6 700 m².

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