Business areas

An overview of Duni’s five business areas: Table Top, Meal Service, Consumer, New Markets and Materials & Services.

Table Top

Duni provides premium table top and serving products to hotels, restaurants and catering companies. Our coordinated concepts include napkins, table coverings, placemats, serving products and candles. Customisation gives our professional customers an opportunity to strengthen and enhance their brands.

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Meal Service

We also provide the food service industry; take out restaurants, deli counters, industrial kitchens and caterers with a broad range of food containers for ready meals – from sandwich boxes to thermal soup bowls.

Duniform® packaging machines are used to form, seal and reseal our take-away containers. Our take-away food containers can also be customised with a special colour, logo or printed design, which gives our customers an opportunity to differentiate their offering and strengthen their brand identity.


We make setting the table at home quick and fun for everyone!

Our high quality, coordinated concepts of table covers, napkins, serving products, candles and other accessories are designed to help you create just the right atmosphere for any occasion.

Look out for our matching sets of table top products in grocery stores, supermarkets, specialty retailers and interior design stores.

New Markets

The business area is focusing on new markets outside Europe and is responsible for, among other things, Duni in Singapore and Duni in Russia, as well as export sales to South America, the Middle East and Australia.

Materials & Services

The Materials & Services business area comprises those parts which are not accommodated within the other business areas, i.e. primarily external sales of tissue.

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