Press Releases

10/11/2005 09:30

Duni signs agreement with SIF on adoption of Code of Conduct

Duni has adopted a Code of Conduct comprising a number of rules governing expected and acceptable behavior at Duni.

10/10/2005 09:30

New European Finance Function

The aim is to further improve the service we provide to our customers and suppliers.

06/10/2005 09:30

Duni Groups Logistic Activities at One Nordic Central Warehouse

Duni plans to concentrate existing warehouse activities in Halmstad and Klippan at a common Nordic warehouse with a central location in Sweden.

18/08/2005 09:30

Appointed COO Sales Europe & Asia

Fredrik von Oelreich joins Duni August 18, 2005

09/06/2005 09:30

Duni acquires majority share in Bonne Route

Duni AB has on June 9 decided to take financial participation in Bonne Route, which is one of Holland’s leading providers of inflight catering and pre-packed snacks.

19/05/2005 09:00

Duni Annual Report 2004

Duni Annual Report 2004 is now available to view or download.

24/03/2005 09:00

Skåpafors converting unit to close

Press release March 24, 2005

15/03/2005 08:30

New corporate identity

From March 9th 2005 the Duni Group uses a new corporate identity and logotype.

17/01/2005 15:30

Duni adjusts production capacity

- announces the lay-off of 210 employees in Skåpafors, Sweden

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