Press Releases

17/12/2008 14:30

Christmas Gift to Stadsmissionen

Duni donates SEK 10 000 to Stadsmissionen Malmö

25/11/2008 08:30

Duni sponsors Stadsmissionen

Duni gives products to tonight’s gala night in Malmö for the benefit of Stadsmissionen.

06/11/2008 09:30

Nomination committee for Duni's AGM 2009

The following persons will serve on the nomination committee: Mr Peter Nilsson, chairman of Duni AB, and chairman of the nomination committee; Mr Rune Andersson, Mellby Gård Investerings AB; Mr Bernard Horn, Polaris Capital Fund Ltd; and Mr Göran Espelund, Lannebo Fonder.

29/10/2008 08:00

Interim report for Duni AB (publ) 1 January – 30 September 2008

Continued improvement in the underlying profitability.

30/07/2008 08:00

Interim Report for Duni AB (publ) 1 January – 30 June 2008

Improved operating margin from 8.0% to 8.9% and continued increase in sales

19/06/2008 11:59

Lars-Erik Ewertz leaves Duni

Lars-Erik Ewertz, Director of Supply Chain and member of the Duni executive management group, has decided to leave his position in order to start up activities outside Duni by year end.

28/05/2008 09:22

Duni appoints Advisory Board with Prominent Restaurateurs

Duni appoints an advisory board composed of prominent caterers and restaurateurs Lena Björck, Pontus Frithiof, Magnus Lindström and Peter J Skogström. The idea is that members will contribute with concepts, product ideas and inspiration for restaurants of the future.

28/05/2008 09:12

Duni bildar Advisory Board med krögarprofiler

Duni tillsätter en Advisory Board med catering- och krögarprofilerna Lena Björck, Pontus Frithiof, Magnus Lindström och Peter J Skogström. Tanken är att medlemmarna ska bidra med inspiration och idéer för koncept och produkter till framtidens restauranger.

07/05/2008 17:08

Bulletin from Duni AB's Annual General Meeting

On 7 May, Duni AB's Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) was held in Malmö.

29/04/2008 08:00

Interim report for Duni AB (publ) 1 January – 31 March 2008

Net sales increased by 5.0% with improved operating margin compared to previous year.

17/04/2008 09:30

List of Information made Public the Latest 12 Months

in Swedish only

14/04/2008 12:57

Duni's 2007 Annual Report now available online

Duni announces that the company's complete Annual Report for 2007 in English and Swedish is now available as PDF documents for downloading at

04/04/2008 11:04

Notice of Duni’s Annual General Meeting 2008

In accordance with the listing agreement with OMX Nordiska Börs (the OMX Nordic Exchange), Duni AB hereby also announces, by issuing a press release, the content of the notice concerning Duni’s Annual General Meeting on May 7, 2008.

25/03/2008 15:00

Nomination Committee’s Board Proposal for the Annual General Meeting of Duni AB

The Nomination Committee proposes the following board: re-election of Peter Nilsson, Harry Klagsbrun, Sanna Suvanto Harsaae and Pia Rudengren, and new election of Anders Bülow and Magnus Yngen. Peter Nilsson is also proposed as Chairman of the board.

20/02/2008 08:00

Interim Report for Duni AB (publ) 1 July – 31 December 2007

Sales increased by 4.7% and operating margin reached 11.6%

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