Successful caterers manage to juggle the conflicting demands of style, efficiency and value. But above all, they deliver beyond the expected.

That is why all the items in our catering range are designed to put your guests in what we call “goodfoodmood” – that great feeling when everything just works smoothly and everyone is smiling.

Using the high-quality catering products from our extensive range, you can add that little extra that helps set your business apart from the rest. Plus, as they are designed for practicality, your staff will be more efficient and have more time for your guests.


Our extra sturdy Milan plates give you the look of porcelain, without the heavy transport. And with Milan you don’t have to worry about replacing plates broken at events.

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Table Top 2015

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Meal Service 2015

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Magazine #1 2015

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Amaze guests, help staff

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Like linen, but smarter

Duni Elegance® napkins capture the lovely look and feel of linen, which guests love, but are much easier to work with, allowing you to cut costs.

Convenient reels

Banquet reels are a perfect choice for catering venues and large restaurants. They can be easily cut to the length you need and come in a variety of colours and materials, including wipeable Dunisilk® and linen-like Dunicel®.

Serve in style

We offer a wide range of practical, functional and elegant trays. They come in a choice of materials, including recycled rPET, which minimizes environmental impact – an important consideration for many of today’s guests and colleagues.

Classic and casual cutlery

Whether it’s for a formal sit-down meal or a more casual gathering, we have a wide range of cutlery for every occasion. Whatever cutlery design best suits your customers' needs, you can be sure it will be cost-effective and of excellent quality.

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