The evening has just begun and the first guests have started to arrive. The air shimmers with hope and anticipation of a great experience.

Let’s make sure you exceed your guests' expectations by taking the same care when setting the table as you did when writing the menu and choosing the wines. Let’s create goodfoodmood.

We have an extensive range of table covers and linen-like, single-use napkins, as well as atmospheric candles that lets you do just that.


Contemporary yet timeless Zahra combines a linen-like expression with an exclusive and stylish texture. Available in choice of vibrant highlight colours.

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Table Top 2015

Table Top 2015

Meal Service 2015

Meal Service 2015

Magazine #1 2015

Magazine #1 2015

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Set the perfect dinner table

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Professional folding

A clean pocket or a complex work of art? The napkin fold should mirror the atmosphere of your restaurant. Our easy-to-follow folding movies and downloadable pdfs help you take your settings to the next level.

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Like linen, but smarter

Duni Elegance® napkins capture the lovely look and feel of linen, which guests love, but are much easier to work with, allowing you to cut costs.

The evolution of linen

Evolin® is the revolutionary new tablecovering that combines the quality of linen with the convenience of single-use. It is exquisitely soft and drapes gracefully over edges.

Find out more on the Evolin® 360° site

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