The best take-aways combine pristine presentation with full flavour. Duni offers innovative, dependable take-away packaging that does justice to your creations and your reputation.

The park. The office. At home. Your customers are on the go and so is your food. Good take-away containers don’t just hold your food, they take care of it as well. That way it looks appetizing, and tastes as good as it did when you made it. At Duni, we’re constantly coming up with new ways to offer you practical, cost-effective and original solutions for all your take-away needs.

Sushi Box

Choose a take-away container that's as impressive as your california rolls. Our sushi box has a high lid and decorative oriental embossing. See the product below.

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Professional Table Top 2014

Professional Table Top 2014

Professional Table Top 2014

Professional Table Top 2014

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

The power of Unicolours

The power of Unicolours

Take take-away to the next level

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Your brand on the go

Customised take-away containers increase quality perception and get your name around town. From the train station to a business lunch, you never know where your name will grab attention.

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Convenient for everyone

Our new Snack Sacchetto doesn’t just make for a prettier sandwich. It saves you precious time during the lunch rush since there’s a napkin included and all you have to do is insert the sandwich. Plus, it’s leak-proof and grease resistant, which your customers will appreciate.

Fresh and hygenic

Whether you’re a small operation or are preparing large quantities of take-away, we have the sealing machine to match. DUNIFORM® machines give you heavy-duty craftsmanship in every size and level.

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The future of take-away

For the Duni ecoecho™ range we use cutting-edge technologies and materials, to use less energy and create less waste. From sandwich boxes, to salad bowls to cutlery, we have a large range of ecoecho™ products for take-away.

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