Create some instant goodfoodmood in your hotel, bar, or restaurant with our high-quality candles.

Our candles and accessories are an easy and cost-effective way to create that special atmosphere. Choose from a wide selection of candles, such as taper candles, pillar candles, tea lights, candle glasses, crown candles, rustic candles and many more.

For extra flexibility, choose our Switch & Shine candles, or why not try our long-lasting, rechargeable LED candles?

Whether you are looking for contemporary or classic, we have the candles to suit your restaurant's décor.

Candlelight without candles

Our new, rechargeable LED Candles fit perfectly into our Moody Candle Holder. The long-lasting, energy efficient lights provide a candle-like glow and are ideal for venues with fire restrictions or in hard-to-reach areas.

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Simply Stearin

Welcome our new simply beautiful collection of 100% Stearin Candles. With the Nordic Eco-Label Svanen. Also avalible in coloured taper candles.

Candle safety & symbols

The following safety symbols are found on Duni candle product labels.


Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Burn candle out of reach of children and pets.

Always leave 10 cm between burning candles.

Do not burn candles near anything that can catch fire.

Do not place candles in a draught.

Do not move a burning candle.

Never use liquid to extinguish.

Do not place candles near a source of heat.

Always snuff out the flame. Do not blow it out.

Always use a candleholder or candle plate.

Place the candles in an upright position.

Trim the wick about 1 cm before lighting.

Don't burn a candle longer than recommended.

Cut the rim to 1 cm each time before burning.

Keep the wax pool clear of matches and other debris to avoid flaring.

Only use tea light in holders and warming stoves.


We use the following materials, alone or mixed, when making our candles.

Derives from fossil fuel giving a longer burning time.

Burns clean, emitting less carbon dioxide. Burns faster than paraffin due to that a bigger wick is needed.

Vegetable oils
We use palm, rapeseed and sunflower oils in our candles.


Duni candles have the RAL Quality Mark, which is awarded by the European Quality Association for Candles. The RAL mark guarantees the following benefits:


  • The candle burns as long as stated on the package
  • Minimized smoking and soot and therefore minimized contamination of the room air
  • Only high-quality wicks, free of impurities, are used in production.
  • The candles contain neither contaminated raw materials nor hazardous candles colours or lacquer
  • Candles retain their shape, measurements and wick properties
  • Safe and reliable when used according to instructions


Environmental info
Duni's stearin candles consist of more than 90% renewable, traceable rawmaterials and are therefore marked with the Swan label.

How to recycle tealight cups:
It’s important when recycling aluminium tealight cups that the wick holder is loosened. If the wick holder (the steel circle that the wick is attached to) is not loosened, the cup will be sorted with steel and not recycled. To loosen the wick holder, press the bottom of the cup until the holder loosens. There’s no need to separate the parts completely – that will happen in the recycling process.

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Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Decorate with candles

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Pillar Candles matt

Our new Pillar Candles have a matt finish which gives them an exceptionally velvety surface. They come in a range of classic and trendy colours and burn for up to 50 hours.

Candlelight without candles

Our new LED Rechargeable Candles fit perfectly into Moody Candle Holders. The long-lasting, energy efficient lights provide a candle-like glow and are ideal for venues with fire restrictions or hard to reach areas.

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Get the light just right

Few things match the atmospheric beauty of candlelight. But different candles suit different needs, occasions and styles: some candles are ideal for lighting-up faces, others for lighting the way. Which solution is best for your restaurant?

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A rainbow of refills

What kind of atmosphere do you want to project today? With Switch & Shine you can easily go from elegant champagne coloured candles, to bright Pacific blue. When one candle is done, just put in another refill - no need to throw away or clean the candle glass.

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