Kasper Stuart

Candles play an important role in setting the tone in a room. Kaspar Stuart's restaurants are known for their candle lit rooms. With candles in every corner Kasper finds it easy to create ambiance.


“Candles represent the warmth in our restaurants. If used in the right way, the flame of a candle and the light of the flame make the dullest room become warm and attractive.”

Kasper has many tips on how you can work with candles to create atmosphere. Putting them on shelves in different levels creates an interesting framing to a room. And a counter full of candles is an inviting way to greet your guests when they arrive.


“You can also emphasize the season with the colours of candles. Choose some light green tones for a spring feeling or warm colours like red or brown for a cosy winter restaurant.”

When it comes to other trends Kasper Stuart also talks about an eco trend. Your guests want to have a taste of the world, feeling the global touch in your restaurant. In the food and in the setting of the room. But the products should preferably come from around the corner.

Hand in hand with these trends come other interior and food trends: low budget and back to basics, and also vintage chic and rock vintage. And finding your own tone, being personal:


“To set the right atmosphere at your restaurant you need to find the right design for the purpose and combine this with good lighting, colour and good acoustics!”


About Kasper Stuart

Kasper Stuart, Belgium, started his food career in the Conrad Hilton and Inter-Continental Hotels, and has been independent in the restaurant business since 1997. His TASTE management & development group boasts 5 modern Asian restaurants, a fine dining restaurant & cocktail bar and a large Belgian brasserie & bar. Alongside these, TASTE has an outside catering company called Stuart Catering, a graphics cell, a design agency called Not Before Ten and a restaurant consultancy division. Kasper recently wrote the Chilli Club Cookbook and is responsible for many publications about modern Asian food.

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