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Whether the occasion is formal or casual, we offer a wide range of disposable cutlery, which combines quality and convenience.

Disposable cutlery should be as stylish as the best non-disposable alternative, and be more time efficient to work with. This design philosophy is reflected in all our cutlery. We offer elegant metallic finishes, sophisticated colours, and several smart styles. Plus, for extra hygiene, we also provide wrapped cutlery.

Cutlery Libra

Cutlery Libra is a line of durable plastic cutlery with an edge. The translucent handles have a modern, square shape that looks and feel great.

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Table Top 2015

Table Top 2015

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Meal Service 2015

Meal Service 2015

Convenience and beyond

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More time for guests

Innovative and practical, our Duetto® placemats already contain pre-folded napkins, so all you have to do is insert cutlery. They reduce the amount of time spent setting tables, so staff have more time to focus on guests.

Naturally convenient

Our Duni ecoecho™ cutlery lets you choose a product that's high-quality and responsible. The sturdy cutlery is made from CPLA, a bio-polymer made of natural and renewable sources and is heat-resistant up to 80 degrees.

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