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Whether youare a caterer, retailer or restaurateur, we offer you the ideal in-house packaging solution: Duniform®. It features the Duniform® Sealing Concept – an automatic tray sealing method that locks in the flavours and keeps your guests coming back for more.

The one-stop-shop Duniform® concept gives you a highly cost-effective, reliable and flexible solution - tailored to your needs - which grows as your business grows.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

In order to prevent loss of natural freshness and quality, an effective and intelligent food preservation concept called Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is used by Duni.

The use of natural gases together with proper packaging materials and machines help to maintain the quality of the food and prolong their shelf life. The MAP gas mixtures usually consist of the gases already present in the air that we breathe but in different compositions: carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2). The gas mixture is added before the trays are sealed.

The trend

Customers nowadays are more aware of quality than ever before. Thus, the demand for good, high quality, minimally processed and attractively packaged food is rapidly increasing. As a result, food manufacturers and producers have to work hard to meet this demand. People want freshly produced convenience food, often as smart ready-to-eat meals – as if they had been freshly prepared directly from the kitchen.

Maintaining freshness

The race against time begins the moment fruit is picked, the corn is harvested or the fish is caught. From precisely that point on, natural deterioration and spoilage constitute a risk to the quality and shelf life of the food. Threats to product freshness, such as hygienic conditions while processing and temperature issues are things that must be taken into account. That is why the food packaging process as well as the package itself is crucial to freshness and quality.

Long-term profits

By packaging food in a modified atmosphere, it is possible to maintain high quality and extend shelf life by days or even weeks. Products that could not previously be distributed or stored fresh throughout the distribution chain can now be put on the shelves at retail outlets without sacrificing quality.

Duni symbols explained

Boxes and trays which are safe to put in the microwave. They retain their shape even after heating or reheating.
The lid always stays clear on Duni’s anti-fog boxes. So customers get a good view of the contents and food stays looking fresh.
The product can be sealed in a DUNIFORM® machine.

Specially designed trays for reheating, cooking or baking in an oven.
· For PP-trays up to max. 125°C
· For CPET-trays up to max. 220°C
Maximum temperatures may be lower depending on food, oven type, heating programme or time and other factors.


Hot peel
Hot peel film has to be warm or heated, otherwise it might tear.

Cold peel
Cold peel film can be peeled off (opened) when the film is refrigerated.

Custom made
Individual, tailor-made product packaging.

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Turning packaging into profitability

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Smart packaging machines

Every take-away or catering business has its own specific requirements. So, to suit different needs and budgets, we offer a wide range high-quality packaging machines, which are convenient and cost-effective.

Top quality transport solutions

Our extensive Thermo range of bags and boxes combines clever innovations, quality and practicality. The integrated clips on our side-or-top loadable Thermo bags make carrying several at once much easier.

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