Pontus Frithiof

To use high quality single-use napkins is a great way to combine the practicality of premium single-use napkins with the sophistication and look and feel of a fabric napkin. This is something Pontus Frithiof has personal experience of.

At Pontus by the Sea they have started to use Duniletto® and Dunilin® napkins instead of linen napkins. Pontus describes what led them to change:


“It was a logical and economical decision. High quality single-use napkins are the simple way to reduce handling costs without renouncing the look and feel of the napkin.”

In Sweden the restaurant business is very much a mirror of society. People are living more aware lives, health and environmental issues are important. This sets the trend in the restaurant business as well.


“There is a strong ‘back to basic’ trend. But technical cooking is also coming strongly, as well as the brasserie trend.”

In creating atmosphere Pontus Frithiof talks about the importance of a certain warmth and personal touch in materials and setting. But there is something else that is also important:


“Having staff with friendly and charismatic personalities is crucial for the atmosphere in a restaurant. And of course, the guests. They can really get the mood going!”

About Pontus Frithiof

Pontus Frithiof was born in 1972. He began working in the kitchen at the young age of 15 and was later trained by Erik Lallerstedt, a senior chef guru of Sweden. In 1996, Pontus was named Head Chef at Eriks in the Old Town of Stockholm. That was a decisive step in what would later become “Pontus in the Green House,” which opened in 1999. Today Pontus Frithiof runs the Pontus Group which includes three restaurants and one catering business: “Pontus!”, “Pontus by the Sea”, “Fårösunds Fästning by Pontus” och “Från Pontus – Gourmet To Go”.

Visit www.pontusfrithiof.com for more information.

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