Dinner is on us

Every dinner presents a golden opportunity to get into goodfoodmood.

And that is why the way you set your table should match the creativity of your cooking. Because a great atmosphere is the magic ingredient that your guests will remember once the plates and glasses are empty.
By using the stylish napkins, candles and other table accessories from our extensive collection, it is easy to create a memorable dinner ambience. And since all Duni products are designed to offer unbeatable convenience, you will even have more time to enjoy it.

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Consumer 2015

Consumer 2015

Work dinner party magic

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Fold like a pro

Beautifully folded quality napkins are ideal for creating an atmosphere that stands out as individual and sophisticated. For a variety of spectacular styles check out our easy-to-follow folding movies and downloadable PDFs. You’ll be creating napkin masterpieces in no time.

Candle magic

Stylish candles can make a huge difference to the mood of your dinner party. We offer a wide choice of coordinated, premium quality options to suit all needs.

Conversation starters

Clever table setting design means that you won’t have to worry about awkward silences at your dinner party. For instance, create a tête-à-tête from a 3 in 1 tablecover to subtly connect pairs of guests, and get things off to a flying start.

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