Frightfully festive


Autumn is here

It’s Time for cozy dinners and hanging out at home.

After the brightness of summer, it is high time to light the candles, cook some comfort food and snuggle up at home together with friends and loved ones.

Trick or treat?
Halloween is the time for kids to have spooky fun. Send out some invites a to party and let the kids use their creativity by cutting a pasting. Our paper plates can easily be turned into monsters and scary bats. Or why not make a spooky ghost out of white napkins?

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Consumer 2015

Consumer 2015

Homemade tricks and treats

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Mummified apples

Wrap a thin gauze bandage around an apple and glue on a pair of eyes. In a simple way, you have created cute mummies that are guaranteed to be the talk of your party.

The spider in the web

Nothing says Halloween more than spider webs! Make small notches in the outer edge of a paper plate and wrap a black string around. You can cut out a spider from cardboard, or to make it even easier, you can also use finished plastic spiders.

Slimy worms

Make your own worms, long and yucky or short and sticky. With caramel food coloring you can easily vary and change the look of your worms. Wonderfully horrible.

Make your own worms

Glowing lanterns

Combine rechargeable LED lights with plastic cups in different colors. Paint on faces, ghosts or bats to create the spooky mood that's perfect for Halloween.

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