Plates & Serving items

Piled high from the buffet or holding the perfect slice of cake, our plates and platters make life easier.

Plates are the unsung heroes of the party. They carry the delicious food, help style the mood, and their quality determines whether you’ll spend more time chatting with guests or cleaning up after them. We sell a selection of high quality platters, serving accessories and paper and plastic plates in different colours and designs.

Pebble Bagasse Collection

Eco-conscious, elegant and original, the new Pebble Bagasse Plate and Bowl Collection has won prestigious design awards.

Quality symbols

Different occasions demand different levels of quality. Our Star Rating system is an easy and fast guide when you have to make a decision concerning what quality you will need, from simple gatherings to special events.

3 stars
Indicate Premium Selection, often high quality design articles that satisfy your demand for an impressive ambiance.

2 stars
Indicate Medium Selection, with a very good quality for more sophisticated demands.

1 star
Indicates Basic Selection, often bigger packs and very convenient.


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Take your plates one step up

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Small portion perfection

Plates and napkins aren’t the only way to serve appetizers. Duni Amuse-bouche® was specially designed to highlight delicate hors d’oeuvres.

Carry through the theme

When you decide on a colour scheme or design, why not go all out? We have coordinating plates and napkins, and our designed series even have matching cups.

Silver lining

An octagonal silver presentation plate is an easy way to add elegance and makes whatever you’re serving look that much more gourmet.

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