Quality candles for every mood

There’s a special kind of magic about candlelight. The way it fills the air with anticipation. The way it creates warmth and cosiness. The way it makes any occasion feel special. If you want to treat your guests, treat them to candles.

Specialists in top quality candles, we offer colours, types and styles to suit every need. Coordinated with the rest of our collection, our candles burn cleanly, are safe and perform to the highest standards. Most are RAL-quality certified and several carry the Swan Nordic Ecolabel.

Our assortment gives you the freedom to introduce candles anywhere and anyhow you want. This includes indoors, outdoors and – thanks to our LED selection – places where naked flames aren’t allowed. Enjoy!

Complimentary candle holders and accessories

Our tactile candle holders, lanterns and candle plates match our candles – and make life easier too. So they not only enable you to make a great initial impression on your guests; they also allow you to spend more time looking after them!

In what ways do they make life easier? For instance, take our Switch & Shine concept. They enable you to switch up your style in an instant, simply by changing the candle glass to a different colour. Finishing touches don’t come much easier!

Why Choosing Duni candles make sense

  • Premium quality
  • Safe, reliable and convenient
  • Indoor, outdoor and LED
  • Create a special atmosphere, day or night
  • Colour-coordinated with napkins and tablecoverings


Few things say ‘I’ve made a special effort’ and add energy to an event like carefully chosen colours. Recognising this, we offer over 20 different candle colours to choose from, ensuring you can add a vibrant new dimension to every meal you serve. 

For instance, on-trend Gold works well if you want an exclusive, chic look. Elegant, minimalistic White is great if you seek a timeless yet modern feel.  And, if you want to put romance on the menu, try cosy, warm Red, Bordeaux or Plum. Take your pick!

Designs to match your vision

At the heart of our candles and accessories range is a promise: whatever mood you want to create, we offer designs to match. Reflecting this, our assortment offers a rainbow of colour choices, as well as classic and modern styles. 

The different candle designs we offer have unique benefits. Want to bring your guests together? Tall Crown candles work a treat. Got an outdoor area you want to transform? Lanterns will do the trick. Whatever your vision, we offer top convenient designs to make it reality.

Environmental Labels

At Duni, as part of our Blue Mission, we work hard to minimise the environmental impact of our business. It’s important to us that our products are made and used with respect for nature. Reflecting this, they may carry one or more of these labels:

The Swan Nordic Ecolabel

One of the most well-known Ecolabels in the world. It guarantees the candles are made with 90% renewable materials, have clean burning properties and minimise soot emission. Our stearin candles carry the Nordic Ecolabel.


Guarantees minimized air-contamination, high-quality wicks, strong shape-retention, no contaminated raw materials, reliability and safety. Awarded by the European Quality Association for Candles.

Double up design

At Duni we love simple designs that let you change up the mood with minimal effort. Our Double and Bote candle holders are a good example of this: they can be used as vases or candleholders!

That way you can switch things up between different meals. Maybe with seasonal flowers at lunch and twinkling candles for supper? Alternatively, you could personalise every table with different flowers and a candle? As always with our versatile collection, it’s up to your imagination!

Mood that welcomes back

In a recent European survey, 90% of restaurant owners stated they use candles to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. And 87% said they considered atmosphere important for business success. So how can candles help you maximise customer loyalty?


design your perfect mood

Every meal creates a golden opportunity to add a special something – what we at Duni call ‘goodfoodmood®’. We instil this into every product we make – whether it’s for a kid’s birthday party or an exclusive corporate dinner. So how will you create your goodfoodmood? Check out our catalogues for inspiration.

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