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Corporate Social Responsibility


united we stand

At Duni Group, we are committed to operating in the most ethical, accountable and resource-efficient way we can. For us, innovation, quality, safety and environmental standards must always go hand-in-hand. Our ability to deliver goodfoodmood depends on it. 

To ensure we meet the stringent standards we set ourselves, we follow Our Blue Mission. This is the platform for our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. It sets tough goals for our, and our suppliers’, environmental and ethical performance.


On July 2nd, 2019, the Single Use Plastics (SUP) directive, entered into force. The directive, believed to be one of the most ambitious plans, aims to combat marine litter. Duni Group continues to welcome the collaborative efforts, innovation and raised awareness the directive has brought. We support the measures taken to limit the environmental impact of plastics.


A lifecycle less ordinary

Our ecoecho® range reflects our desire to be outstanding – and first – in our market, our goodfoodmood brand essence and Our Blue Mission.

The range offers some of the most outstanding – if not the best – solutions in the market for sustainability, quality and style.

To qualify as ecoecho®, a product must meet a high standard: a significant part of it must fulfil at least two of these environmental standards: Resource Efficiency, Renewability, Compostability and Responsible Sourcing.

The lifecycle of a duni product

  1. Find and Trace
    It begins with the choice of materials. We prefer renewable raw materials from trees and other plants that are responsibly grown and sourced. 

  2. Create and Make
    We strive to ensure our plants have good working conditions and limited environmental impact. Manufacturing is mainly in Europe, but our network of suppliers is worldwide. 

  3. Choose and Use
    Using singleuse products should not only be practical and hygienic, but they should also be responsibly produced and have environmental benefits. 

  4. Sort and Return
    A Duni product can normally be recycled, composted or burned with energy recovery. Littering is not acceptable, and the deposit of waste in landfills should be avoided.


our mission to reduce emissions

Everyday we work hard to keep reducing our environmental impact. Our goals are focused on energy- overall reduction and fossil free production. More about our targets and environmental footprint may be found in Our Blue Mission report.

NApkin production

Blue mission at work

Achieving our goal of making our tissue production fossil free means we have to do many things. One is to focus on the table covers and napkins that account for much of our production. These are mainly produced at our four sites in Europe.

For instance, the steam we use to dry napkins at our production facility in Skåpafors is produced in our bio-boiler, which burns renewable resources such as forestry waste. That way the net emissions of fossil greenhouse gases are very low.

Supplier collaboration

Shared Responsibility

We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure they meet the highest standards – and, in doing so, keep the promises we make. They are all audited regulary to ensure they uphold sustainable values, follow our stringent Supplier Code of Conduct and comply with all the relevant EU regulations.

product safety


For a product to bear the Duni brand, it must be guaranteed to be safe – and comply with the relevant laws and standards regarding safety. This applies to our napkins, plates, packaging and anything else that comes into contact with food. It also applies to our candles too.

Our rigorous focus on safety extends to production and end-usage. For example, we always invite our customers to pay attention to safety markings. Furthermore, our Environment & Quality department is always happy to provide certifications.


Our range of compostable unicolours – the most extensive available – is the natural choice if you want to create a colourful mood and still care for the environment. A product of our commitment to lead the market, it offers individual colours for every occasion.


  • OK Compost and FSC®-certified (fsc-c014985)
  • Contain no chemicals that harm nature
  • Biodegrade a few weeks after composting
  • May be sorted with food waste when allowed

Our talent management programme

Employees dunited

An insightful approach to the environment and people is the essence of the Duni brand. Through a culture that promotes development and job satisfaction, we attract and retain our employees. At Duni we are convinced that a prosperous organization is a prerequisite for achieving both business and environmental goals. Our employees are the most important resource in this regard.

Håll havet rent

Duni proudly supports Håll Havet Rent (Keep the oceans clean), a network of companies, authorities and experts working together to reduce unnecessary plastics, minimize littering and maximise recycling. Plastics ending up in the ocean affects everyone, from damaging ecosystems to impacting human health.

The OK Compost label, from the certification body TUV Austria, indicates that the product is suitable for industrial composting and meets the stringent requirements of the European standard EN 13432.

Products carrying this label from the certification body TUV Austria can be composted at home. For instance, they can be put on the compost heap in a garden. This is because they compost at lower temperatures than used for industrial composting.

Duni is an FSC® certificate holder, FSC-C014985, meaning the great majority of our tissue-based products come from wood fibres sourced from responsibly managed FSC certified forests.

Our Duni ecoecho® range promotes innovative, eco- conscious design. For example, ecoecho® products may be made from biodegradable or recycled materials. 


Modern Slavery Act Statement

We believe that forced labor in any form has no place in our business. The statement details the steps undertaken by Duni Group to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking and is intended to meet the obligations to the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

IN-DEPTH information


We have set tough sustainability goals and made a clear commitment to meet the trust our customers have shown in Duni’s products being produced in an ethical, safe and environmentally sound way.

In practice this means to have the organization, policies and procedures to make it an integrated part of how we work. In the report below you will find details on Duni and CSR to provide you with the information you need. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further question you may have!