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At Duni we are all about creating goodfoodmood. We love people with a passion for creativity, sustainability and gastronomy.

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Corporate Responsibility



“Our way of looking at Duni’s corporate responsibility in society has to do with our core business – creating a good atmosphere for meals. This is our mission, as well as our responsibility.

Duni products should create good feelings. Only products made with respect for society and the environment we operate in will create that right atmosphere.

Responsible business decisions are what make us accountable. Our Blue Mission is the programme platform for Duni Corporate Responsibility, setting targets and ways of working until 2020. We invite you to share our journey on creating goodfoodmood with care.”

2016 CSR Survey

Eyes on the horizon

Committed to staying one step ahead, we commissioned a new CSR survey in 2016. The respondents were key decision-makers, mainly working for full-service restaurants, hotels and wholesalers, in Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

Key findings: the number of our customers who feel well-informed about our CSR work, and feel it is of a high-standard, is growing. Quality and design remain the most important factors for choosing our products – while 30% have chosen a Duni product for its environmental profile.


The lifecycle of a duni product

The life of all our products starts with the choice of material. We prefer renewable raw materials from trees and plants, which are responsibly grown and sourced. These do not contribute to global warming or the exploitation of limited mineral resources.


our mission to reduce emissions

Everyday we work hard to keep reducing our environmental impact – and realise our goal of achieving fossil free production by 2020. So far we have made good progress – and we are just getting started!

NApkin production

Blue mission at work

Achieving our goal of making our tissue production fossil free means we have to do many things. One is to focus on the table covers and napkins that account for much of our production. These are mainly produced at our four sites in Europe.

For instance, the steam we use to dry napkins at our production facility in Skåpafors is produced in our bio-boiler, which burns renewable resources such as forestry waste. That way the net emissions of fossil greenhouse gases are very low.


A lifecycle less ordinary

Our ecoecho® range reflects our desire to be outstanding – and first – in our market, our goodfoodmood brand essence and our Blue Mission.

The range offers some of the most outstanding – if not the best – solutions in the market for sustainability, quality and style.

To qualify as ecoecho®, a product must meet a high standard: a significant part of it must fulfil at least two of these environmental standards: Resource Efficiency, Renewability, Compostability and Responsible Sourcing.

Making dreams come true

My big day

We are proud to support Min Stora Dag – ‘My Big Day’. The organisation is a fantastic Swedish NGO that make dreams come true for youngsters with serious illnesses and diagnoses. This empowers the children and boosts their self-esteem.

Many of the youngsters have always wanted to work a professional chef. As we are all about goodfoodmood, that is something we are well-placed to help with. So far, we have organised cooking competitions overseen by previous winners of Chef of the Year, as well as innovative cooking classes. They were great success!

Supplier collaboration

Shared Responsibility

We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure they meet the highest standards – and, in doing so, keep the promises we make. They are all audited annually to ensure they uphold sustainable values, follow our stringent Supplier Code of Conduct and comply with all the relevant EU regulations.

product safety

investing in safety

Ensuring safety is paramount for us at Duni. As a leading supplier of candles, we take part in the important work of establishing European standards for quality and safety. But that’s just one example of the many initiatives we are involved in.

We also rigorously test all our products to ensure they meet our own strict safety requirements, as well as the relevant standards. In doing so, we work with a number of independent external partners, as well as carrying out internal testing programmes.


Our range of compostable unicolours – the most extensive available – is the natural choice if you want to create a colourful mood and still care for the environment. A product of our commitment to lead the market, it offers individual colours for every occasion.


  • OK Compost and FSC®-certified (fsc-c014985)
  • Contain no chemicals that harm nature
  • Biodegrade a few weeks after composting
  • May be sorted with food waste when allowed

Our new talent management initiative

Employees dunited

Since 2014, we have been working on a long-term plan to maintain and develop employee potential. Our goal is to create a sustainable organisation that engages and motivates through transparency and measurability. One result of this new approach is that is now easier it for people to change jobs. This means plenty of new opportunities for personal growth and development.

The Swan Nordic Ecolabel is one of the most well-known Ecolabels in the world. It guarantees products have fulfilled stringent environmental and climate criteria.

The OK compost label confirms products or packaging are in compliance with EN 13432, the European standard for compostability in industrial composting installations.

Duni is an FSC®-certified company, meaning the great majority of our tissue-based products come from wood fibres sourced from responsibly managed FSC®-certified forests.

Our pulp is also bleached in either TCF (Totally chlorine free) or ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) processes.

IN-DEPTH information


We have set some very tough goals for ourselves and allocated the resources needed to turn our sustainability plan into reality. Not because we feel external pressure, but because it makes our company stronger.

In practice, this means we are undertaking a variety of different initiatives. These are all detailed in the reports below. If you want to discover more facts about Duni and CSR, they should provide with all the in-depth information you need.