A beautifully folded napkin adds a sprinkling of visual flair to any festive table. Check out our easy napkin folding films.

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At Duni we are all about creating goodfoodmood. We love people with a passion for creativity, sustainability and gastronomy.

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Care Homes

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A great meal can make all the difference to the mood of a day – particularly for residents in care homes. Reflecting this, our collection of napkins, table covers, LED candles and accessories provides a variety of practical ways to create goodfoodmood – and help ensure they get all the nutrition they need.

  • Endless possibilities to create inviting tables
  • Convenient, timesaving, safe and hygienic
  • Unique eco-conscious FSC®-certified materials


Smart ideas for care homes

It’s easy to create an uplifting, social mood with the versatile seasonal designs in our collection. As they are coordinated with our unicolours, you get infinite possibilities to create goodfoodmood, your way (see more designs below).

Stylish and practical, these bibs can get your residents talking and help them to dine with dignity. A simple way to add joy and practicality to any meal.

Our LED candles let you have magical candlelight – in warm white or a choice of ambient colours – where flames aren’t allowed. They are designed for professional-use, rechargeable, and come with a remote-control. Discover LED candles.

Questions we can help with?

We’d love to hear from you. Our team is standing by to offer advice on all our products and where you can buy them. And if you’d like a sales presentation we’re happy to organise that too.


Customised products show professionalism and attention-to-detail. So they are ideal for making residents of care homes feel well looked after. Whatever your needs, our experienced team can help you to get topquality, matching personalised items that show your food – and your care home – in the best possible light. They can organise:

  • Printed or embossed standard items from our collection
  • Fully customised solutions designed around your specific needs



The Dunicel@ placemats and tissue napkins in our range enable you to start every day with a colourful, cosy mood – whether you want designs or unicolours.


Generously-sized Towel Napkins, and durable Dunicel® and wipeable Dunisilk®+ table covers in matching colours are ideal for lunches at care homes. They not only add vibrant colours, comfort and tactility to any dining experience; they also enable you to set and clear tables in no time.


The longer your residents spend at snack breaks, the more likely they are to socialise together and get the nutrition they need. To help ensure they take their time, use our convenient mood-boosting tissue napkins, placemats, slipcovers, LED sets and matching candle holders.


Textile-like Dunilin® as well as luxurious Evolin® table covers bring a sense of anticipation and exclusivity to the table. Or, if you are serving a buffet, Dunicel® reels and matching tableskirts let you create a feast for all the senses.


To amp up any celebration, we offer a selection of premium quality materials. For instance long-lasting Dunicel® table covers, and beautifully folding Dunisoft® napkins. And for the cherry on top, add our cosy, supersafe LED candles and LED candle holders to the mix.


Serve your residents food and drinks in their rooms? You can give them a great, hygienic meal experience with the practical, stylish solutions in our collection. For example, our easy-to-put-on bibs help them to dine with dignity and protect against spills, while our innovative Pearl trays come in a straight-to-the-table deep plate shape.


For 40 years, the Duniform® concept has set the standard for simple, smart professional in-house packaging. Originally developed for catering to the elderly, it allows you to tailor a solution to your specific needs.

The one-stop-shop concept combines everything you need from sealing machines and trays, to local service. This makes it ideal if you are serving meals-on-wheels, as everything from preparation to transport is made so easy.

“Whether you want a calm or vibrant mood, the new designs in our collection let you bring the beauty of the seasons to every meal you serve.“

Simi Gauba, designer, Duni


Want to have the cosy glow of candlelight even where flames are prohibited? Maybe you’d like convenience of remote-control lighting? Or perhaps the creative freedom of multicolours? Check-out our professional-quality LEDs and matching holders.