A beautifully folded napkin adds a sprinkling of visual flair to any festive table. Check out our easy napkin folding films.

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People still seek the joy of good food, good design and good company – but they want catered events to accommodate the new social rules and focus on hygiene. Our fully coordinated collection enables you to do just that: it provides a market-leading selection of eco-conscious materials, colours and designs. All with ad hoc ordering, which makes it easier to be financially agile.

  • Gain the hygiene, handling and convenience benefits of single-use
  • Choose from a market-leading selection of premium textile-like materials
  • Order as required to maintain financial agility


A spotless fist impression is more than a luxury for guests – it’s a must. Our collection makes it easy to achieve. It unites a rich selection of single-use napkins and table covers, as well as LEDs and candles, in coordinated colours and formats for every occasion.

The more relaxed your guests, the more successful your event will be. You can use our collection to put them at ease and bring them together. For instance, cocktail napkins heighten the sense of hygiene while plates that hold glasses free up an arm for an elbow greeting.

The ability to truly personalise an event is a powerful competitive advantage. With our collection you get total creative freedom to bring your vision to life. And if you can’t find exactly what you want in our standard collection, our customisation team can create it for you.


Ever wanted to know exactly what a Duni product would look like at your business? Now, with the intuitive new Duni Visualiser Augmented Reality app, you can. Simply choose the items you like, then point the camera on your phone or tablet towards where you want to see them. Then – bingo! – the app puts everything in place. No more need for guesswork. See how it works!

  • Easy to use
  • Simplify decision
  • Create 24/7


stay safe; DO Well. We're here to help

Contact us to find out more about our top-quality, sustainably designed packaging solutions, or to get advice on customisation, hygiene or how to minimise environmental impact.


Customer confidence is a precious asset for any business. In the current climate, it’s in short supply for many people considering dining out. By customising your table covers you can guide your clientele and put them at ease. For instance by printing your dishes so they don’t have to touch shared menus.

ecoecho® range

Put care in the air

The ecoecho® range lets you lead the way when it comes to showing care for the environment. It provides some of the best – if not the best – products in the market that combine sustainability, quality and style.

Ideal for restaurants that prioritise respect for nature, the range offers solutions for every need. If you want to show that, for your business, quality, safety and environmental standards go hand-in-hand, it’s the natural choice.

Shine at every meal and event


Set-up and protect tables in moments

• Simply cut to get a perfect fit with your tables
• Combine with Tête-à-Têtes and table runners for added wow-factor

Available in Evolin®, Dunicel® , Dunisilk®, Dunitex® and Paper. We also offer our Molleton reel to be used underneatch for exquisite result.

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Enhance your guest experience with tactile table covers that drape beautifully

• Flawless colours and folds every time
• Protects linen table cloths and tables
• Textile-like qualities without hassle of linen

Available in Evolin®.

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Simplify preparation, maximise cost-efficiency, thrill guests

• Accentuates the beauty of food
• Comprises coordinated amuse-bouches, display stands and plates
• Bit portion sizes help with budget planning
• Choice of black, crystal-clear or bagasse More on the concept

More on the concept

Pre-folded napkins

Perfect every time, in no time

• Save time on setting-up and clearing away
• Formats, designs and qualities for all occasions
• Napkin pockets also available

Available in Dunilin®, Dunisoft® and Tissue

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Distinctively stylish, refreshingly convenient

  • Designed to make mingling easier
  • Choice of top-quality, eco-conscious materials
  • More convenient than porcelain

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led concept

Wide choice of professional-quality LEDs and matching candle holders

• Remote-controllable for optimal convenience
• Rechargeable so no battery hassles
• Multicolour or Warm White light
• Particularly rich light

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‘The bigger, the better’ is an excellent motto for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. No wonder that Dunilin® Max napkins work so beautifully at festive events. The luxurious size, the tactile embossing and rich weight combine to thrill guests. And the compostable profile sits perfectly with the caring spirit of the season. We can organise custom printing too, if you want an extra personal touch on your tables.



It’s perfect for today’s world. The Duni Amuse-bouche® concept is hygienic, practical and provides a high degree of control over costs: thanks to the bit portion sizes, you get control over what guests eat. Even better, it enables you to accentuate the appeal of your food, and simplify preparation, transport, presentation and clearing away.

“Caterers choose the Duni collection for the convenience, creative freedom and sustainably designed materials. The ability to play with colours and work smarter while minimising environment impact is a strong competitive advantage.”

Gareth Brown, International Marketing Manager, Table Top