A beautifully folded napkin adds a sprinkling of visual flair to any festive table. Check out our easy napkin folding films.

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At Duni we are all about creating goodfoodmood. We love people with a passion for creativity, sustainability and gastronomy.

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If you can individualise an event you can make it special. Our coordinated collection gives you total freedom to design any ambience you want. It provides a rich palette of sizes, looks and eco-conscious materials for all budgets. Unlike with linen, you can order ad hoc and ensure perfect folds, colours and hygiene. A big advantage, particularly when it’s a party time of year.

  • Unique, premium textile-like materials
  • Convenience of single-use
  • Freedom to order what you want, when you want


Creativity for all occasions

Tables go a long way to shaping the mood of any sit-down event. If you want total creative freedom to design yours, check out our collection. It offers a market leading choice of napkins, table covers, candles and candle holders – in designs, colours and sizes for every need.

A social buzz puts wind in the sails of any cocktail party or buffet event. To help you create this we offer a variety of solutions designed to get your guests mingling. For instance, plates that hold glasses to free up a hand for greeting.

Want free reign to make your customers’ ideas reality? Check out the all the colours, designs, qualities and eco-conscious materials we offer. And if you can’t find exactly what you want in our standard collection, our customisation team can create it for you.

Questions we can help with?

We’d love to hear from you. Our team is standing by to offer advice on all our products and where you can buy them. And if you’d like a sales presentation we’re happy to organise that too.

ecoecho® range

lead the way

The demand for sustainable products looks set to keep growing. Caterers who can meet this are well placed to prosper. That’s where our ecoecho® range can help. It offers top-quality coordinated solutions, which add feel-good factor to any occasion. These let you lead the way when it comes to combining sustainability, quality and style.


Make it personal

Our one-stop-shop customisation service can organise top-quality, matching personalised items, which add wow-factor to any event, from weddings to Corporate Events.

Drawing on many years’ experience, our team can organise:

  • Printed or embossed standard items from our collection
  • Fully customised solutions designed around your specific needs



Set-up and protect tables in moments

• Simply cut to get a perfect fit with your tables
• Combine with Tête-à-Têtes and table runners for added wow-factor

Available in Evolin®, Dunicel® , Dunisilk®, Dunitex® and Paper. We also offer our Molleton reel to be used underneatch for exquisite result.

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Enhance your guest experience with tactile table covers that drape beautifully

• Flawless colours and folds every time
• Protects linen table cloths and tables
• Textile-like qualities without hassle of linen Available in Evolin® and Dunicel®.

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Simplify preparation, maximise cost-efficiency, thrill guests

• Accentuates the beauty of food
• Comprises coordinated amuse-bouches, display stands and plates
• Bit portion sizes help with budget planning
• Choice of black, crystal-clear or bagasse More on the concept

More on the concept

Pre-folded napkins

Perfect every time, in no time

• Save time on setting-up and clearing away
• Formats, designs and qualities for all occasions
• Napkin pockets also available

Available in Dunisoft® and Tissue

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Distinctively stylish, refreshingly convenient

  • Designed to make mingling easier
  • Choice of top-quality, eco-conscious materials
  • More convenient than porcelain

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led concept

Wide choice of professional-quality LEDs and matching candle holders

• Remote-controllable for optimal convenience
• Rechargeable so no battery hassles
• Multicolour or Warm White light
• Particularly rich light

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Love to make a king-sized impression? Compostable Dunilin® Max opens up a new world of sumptuous, sustainable table-setting opportunities. Luxuriously sized at 60 x 40 cm, the napkin stays securely in place on laps and offers the charm of linen without any of its hassles. We can custom-print it for you too.


Amazonica is an eco-conscious collection of single-use plates, bowls and cutlery. Crafted with mindful materials, it gives you infinite freedom to express your creativity, whenever you serve food.

For the collection, the Swedish design duo Bernadotte and Kylberg has translated the spirit of the Victoria Amazonica water lily into a family of timeless, playful and iconic designs.


Colours add personality, accentuate the beauty of food and bring creativity to life. So a wide palette to choose from is a significant advantage for caterers. That’s exactly what we offer you: matching colours, materials and designs, that provide total freedom to theme any event – your way. The cherry on top? Our customisation team can provide custom colours and designs too.

“Caterers choose the Duni collection for the convenience, creative freedom and sustainably designed materials. The ability to play with colours and work smarter while minimising environment impact is a strong competitive advantage.”

Gareth Brown, International Marketing Manager, Table Top

a customer's perspective

“With Duni Amuse-Bouches® I can produce hors d’oeuvres during the day – when hourly rates are lowest – which we serve later in the evening. This helps to minimise costs. The concept is also very transport-friendly.”

Rickard Cronquist, Co-owns and manages the Finn Inn event catering and restaurant business