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A safe dining experience

These days, hygiene is on everyone’s mind. Especially when trying to enjoy a good meal at a restaurant or hotel. So if you’re wondering what you can do to make your guests feel welcome and safe, take a look at our readily available solutions created to please and protect your guests.

Fresh and hygienic every time



Duniletto protect cutlery from touching surfaces, helping to keep them as clean as the moment they were polished.


Sacchetto cutlery pockets come with a napkin inserted and have a separate pouch for cutlery to be placed, keeping both cutlery and napkin secure and clean.

Prefolded napkins

Prefolded napkins are perfect for speed of service, but also for hygiene. They limit the amount of handling by staff as folding is not needed, and when cutlery are placed on top, they act as a barrier between cutlery and table.

Served with care

Choosing the best solution can make a world of difference these days. Here are a few of the opportunities and advantages our solutions offer for boosting business and consumer confidence:

  1. Ensure hygiene with single-use
  2. BRC Certified (or equivilent food safety certification)
  3. Smart napkin solutions for less handling
  4. Table covers for guaranteed clean surfaces
  5. Hand wipes for guest hygiene

A fresh start

Single use table coverings help you provide a fresh start to every meal by creating a hygienic barrier between guest and table surface. Available in a variety colours, qualities, and formats to suit all occasions.


Tete-a-tetes give you a semi-covered table, perfect for creating a contemporary look without compromising on hygiene.


Placemats are cost-effective and ideal when you need to lay tables quickly and hygienically.

Table covers

Covering the whole of the table, these are the ultimate choice for ensuring a clean surface. Our premium covers are packed with the reverse side outwards to protect against bacteria and dust when handled by staff.

Wet towels

A clean, fresh and practical option for every meal, allowing guest to clean their hands before and after the meal.

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