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Social Catering

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Which is most important to your Social Catering business? The ability to work efficiently? Building your brand? Delivering tasty, nutritious, user-friendly food experiences? Our experienced team can help you in every one of these areas.

In doing, we draw on many years experience of working closely with social catering businesses to develop top-quality products, which are pleasure to work with and eat from. But that's just part of our offering. Specifically, we offer you:

  1. Design and customisation excellence – Unite supreme form and function, deliver great dining experiences for all
  2. Smart convenience, storage and transport – Work faster, maximise storage space, simplify transport
  3. Modern mindful materials – Minimise your impact, maximise your appeal
  4. Duniform® concept – Simplify kitchen processes, minimise food waste, ensure great quality



Social catering is all about caring for the community and, especially in today’s world, this means showing care for nature. That’s where our ecoecho® range comes in – it lets you lead the way when it comes to combining quality, style and sustainability.

The ecoecho® range gives you a market-leading selection of sustainably designed disposable trays, boxes and glasses. Made with the best mindful materials available, like bagasse and rPET, these help you to minimise the environmental impact of your business.

The ecoecho® range is a reflection of our Blue Mission program, which is at the heart of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. This sets tough goals for our, and our suppliers’, environmental and ethical performance. 

Market-leading choice and QUALITY


From salad to sandwich boxes, we offer you a market-leading selection of box solutions in sizes, styles and formats for every need and budget – in a choice of top-quality, eco-conscious materials. These not only make food look delicious; they also are easy to fill, stack and close securely.


We offer bowls for all warm and cold food, which are characterised by details that make them a pleasure to work with and dine from. Many are made from top-quality eco-conscious materials. For instance, ecoecho® bagasse bowls that feature crystal-clear rPET lids. Importantly, as part of our bowl offering, we offer a comprehensive choice of top-quality bowls for our Duniform® ‘professional in-house packaging made easy’ concept.


Colourful. White. Black. Square. Round. Oval. Soup. Dinner. Dessert. Different plates suit different meals, price-points and customer requirements. Focused on providing solutions for every need, we offer stable, stackable plates for all foods and budgets. These come in a choice of eco-conscious materials, from compostable bagasse to FSC®-certified plates made from virgin fibres.

Sandwich boxes and wraps

Often centre-stage in canteens, sandwiches and wraps are a staple of modern diets. So, they offer a significant opportunity for Social Catering businesses. We can help you to seize this by providing quality boxes and wraps that add to the pleasure and convenience of any meal experiences.


Disposable cutlery goes a long way to shaping the experience of meals. How it feels. How it looks. How it works. Our design team considers all these factors when they create cutlery for our collection – which offers a market-leading choice of sturdy styles, colours and materials. You can bundle these with the food you offer to make for an even  better customer experience.


Napkins complete any take-away meal. They not only protect clothes and enhance hygiene, they can help you boost your brand too. As napkin specialists for decades, we offer an unmatched choice of napkins in a full choice of sizes and compostable unicolours. We also offer smart napkin solutions such as napkin pockets, which come pre-filled with disposable cutlery. 

Cups and glasses

Make your smoothies, protein shakes, desserts and drinks look tantalisingly tempting– and signal your commitment quality – and you add an extra dimension of goodfoodmood to any customer experience. That’s where our glasses come in. They offer a choice of eco-conscious materials and secure fitting, matching lid solutions that seal the freshness in.

DUNIFORM® concept


Originally developed for Social Catering businesses, the Duniform® one-stop-shop concept has set the standard for simple, smart in-house packaging since 1977. Over time, it has evolved to offer customisable solutions for every size of business.

Customisation service


Behind every great business is a great brand. And all brands start life as imaginative ideas. The best stand out, as they reflect the individuality of their creators.

Guided by you, our in-house team can create top-quality personalised solutions that do just that. So, what’s the best way to bring your vision to life?