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1/9/2014 9:00 AM

Hanna Werning guest designer for Duni

Don’t miss the launch of Hanna Werning at Formex 15-18 January. The Designs for Duni collection - which will feature 8 napkin designs - will arrive in stores from January 2014.

Historical references with a contemporary twist, is a pretty suitable description of much of Swedish designer Hanna Werning’s work, now part of the Designs for Duni collection. Werning’s fascination with patterns and colours was awakened during her education at St Martin’s College in London, and has led her to an amazing worldwide career specialising in pattern design for many globally known brands.

The award-winning designer’s signature is intertwining the classic and modern, creating something new and fresh for everyday life. Surprise your guests with fun and cheerful patterns, and not least embrace yourself in this wonderful, versatile and not least unpredictable selection part of Designs for Duni. Welcome to the world of Werning!


Welcome to visit Duni at Formex, exhibition hall B12:20

Come and meet Hanna Werning in person on Thursday (16/1)
Time 11.00-13.00 Place B12:20

See the collection in full here: www.designsforduni.com

Download images: www.duni.com/press-images