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Grass paper take-away packaging

Amazing what you can do with grass

It’s the magic of nature: from grass, to seed, to flour, to delicious breads and pastries. So, what better way to complete the experience of baked goodies than by serving them in eco-conscious packaging that’s made from grass paper?
With the new Bloom concept, you can!

“For millennia, bakers have turned natural goodness into delicious food. Now, with the Bloom concept, they have a new way to deepen their relationship with the land. Grass is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet.” 


Designed in Sweden, the bags, trays and wraps that comprise the Bloom take-away packaging concept are made from grass paper. This breakthrough material offers significant environmental benefits.

Naturally abundant, the grass is harvested locally in Germany and does not compete with resources for animal feed. Furthermore, grass fibre pulp – the raw material used to produce grass paper- is extremely resource efficient to produce.


Created especially for baked foods, the items in the Bloom concept work together beautifully. Available in sizes for every need – from large loaves to cookies – they simplify service, make food look delicious and ensure a great customer experience. All while helping to minimise environmental impact.



Our customisation experts are happy to provide personalised stickers and sleeves for your Bloom packaging. It’s an opportunity worth exploring, if you seek to boost the brand profile of your bakery and highlight your commitment to nature.


We’d love to hear from you. Our team is standing by to offer advice on the Bloom take-away packaging concept for bakers, as well as our other products and where you can buy them. And if you’d like a sales presentation we’re happy to organise that too

Create a seamless eco-concept

From ecoecho® napkins to compostable bagasse Sweet coffee cup and wooden cutlery, the Bloom materials match the rest of the Duni collection. This makes it easy to create an eco-concept which is individual as it is mindful.