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40 years of success


Packaging makes all the difference when it comes to takeaways. The Duniform® concept enables you to complete the experience of your dishes - and boost efficiency – with a convenient, cost-effective and classy sealable tray solution.

The Duniform® concept grows with your business. It combines expert support with high-quality sealing machines, trays and transport solutions, which are designed to work together. If you want a big thumbs-up from your staff and your customers, check it out.

Smarter in-house packaging

Now celebrating 40 years of success, the one-stop-shop Duniform® concept is all about simplicity and quality. Built on the idea that good food deserves good packaging, it provides everything you need to work smarter and ensure your customers have a great experience.

Everything in the Duniform® concept is designed to work together. And, on top of excellent local support, you get a market-leading selection of trays, films, machines and eco-conscious materials to choose from. That way, whether you have a deli or a HMR business, you get an ideal solution that can grow with your business.

why choosing Duniform® makes sense

  • Tailored to your specific needs and budget
  • Solutions for all hot, cold and frozen dishes
  • Machines, trays and sealing films designed to work together
  • Enables you to offer products that you couldn’t before
  • Support line for the lifetime of your solution


The Duniform® concept offers top-quality sealing machines for all needs and budgets. Proven in restaurants and takeaways across Europe every day, these combine ease-of-use with rock-solid reliability.


The DF46 Duniform® is an automatic tray sealing machine that can seal all trays in the Duniform® range.

  • Compact and flexible
  • Good choice for small and medium businesses


Traditionally, gratinating and sealing food has been tricky. Plastic trays morph out of shape; aluminium can be frustratingly bendy.

Now, the solution the market has been waiting for is here: stylish Duniform Insider paper trays. If your customers love gratinated food, you’ll love these trays!


The Duniform® concept offers a rich choice of quality materials , including many feel-good, eco-conscious options, for trays and sealable lids. These ensure you can have the ideal solution whether you are serving hot, cold or frozen food.



Every meal creates a golden opportunity to add a special something – what we at Duni call ‘goodfoodmood®’. We instil this into every product we make – whether it’s for a kid’s birthday party or an exclusive corporate dinner. So how will you create your goodfoodmood? Check out our catalogues for inspiration.

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