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New Improved Dunilin®


New softer, richer Dunilin napkins give you the exclusive look and feel of linen – but unlike linen – flawless colours, folds and hygiene. That way, you never need to spend time checking for imperfections. And after use, you just put the napkins out for composting, avoiding laundry hassles. Even better, you get a palette of designs, uncolours and formats that lets you easily refresh your look, whenever it suits.


“Beautifully emboosed Dunilin not only creates a luxurious mood, it also gives you the luxury of more time for guests. Never faded or flawed, and always hygienic and crisply folded, it never needs to be checked.” 

questions we can help with?

 We’d love to hear from you. Our team is standing by to offer advice on Dunilin napkins and matching Evolin table covers. And how you buy them. If you’d like a sales presentation we’re happy to organise that too. 


Did you now that 25% of staff time is spent on setting tables? New Dunilin napkins provide an elegant way to help reduce that figure. Always flawless, they never need to be checked. To make life even easier, they are available perfectly pre-folded and they fold like a dream too. And, as they are more absorbent than before, they do even more to soak up spills.


Consumers are actively choosing businesses that care for the environment. New Dunilin napkins enable you to do just that. Made from FSC®-certified materials, they also carry the OK Compost label. This means that after use you can simply sort them for composting. That way, they can end life with a new beginning.



With new Dunilin napkins, the opportunities to create a sophisticated mood are virtually limitless. There is a palette of 11 classic, refined tones to choose from, and a selection of tone-on-tone styles. This type of design is particularly easy to incorporate into high-end colour schemes.

made for each other: Dunilin® & Evolin®

Dream of creating the ultimate linen look and feel? Dunilin® napkins and Evolin® table covers are a match made in heaven. The embossing is identical and they are perfectly colour coordinated. If you want to delight your guests with seamless table settings they offer a rare opportunity.