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Octabagasse take-away boxes

Like good food, upcycled materials celebrate life.


Octabagasse take-away boxes take the classic Octaview® design language and bring it to life with top-quality, eco-conscious materials. The boxes are made from bagasse while matching lids are available in compostable bagasse or 100% rPET, made from recycled bottles. Suitable for warm and cold foods, Octabagasse take-away boxes offer the ultimate stage for food. They are ideal for HMR (Home Meal Replacement) and take-away managers who wish to limit environmental impact and create tempting displays that stimulate impulse purchases.


Bagasse is made from with surplus natural material from sugar production: the dry pulpy residue left after the extraction of juice from sugar cane. It will readily biodegrade under controlled composting conditions. The transparent 100% rPET used for the lids also has a strong eco-story to tell. It is produced from recycled plastic bottles. So, just like the bagasse, it turns potential waste into new life.

intelligent design

Octabagasse boxes offers a number of smart features that make them a pleasure to work with and dine from. They are strong and stackable to simplify storage and service, they are sturdy; and they have easy-grip edges for effortless transport. Furthermore, both the rPET and bagasse lids shut securely to protect against spills and waste. The bagasse lids, in particular, incorporate wings and lock shut with a satisfying haptic click.


So which Octabagasse lids suits your concept best? The cleverly-designed, eco-look bagasse lids, with integrated wings, that shut securely with a haptic click? Or the crystal-clear rPET lids, made from recycled plastic. Both let you add an extra dimension to any meal – and minimise the environmental of your business. 
The choice is yours.

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