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At Duni we are all about creating goodfoodmood. We love people with a passion for creativity, sustainability and gastronomy.

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celebrate nature

Society keeps turning greener: in 2016, our CSR survey showed a large percentage of our customers always, or sometimes, look for environmentally profiled products. Mindful of this need, we offer eco-conscious solutions for every occasion– outdoors and indoors. These range from our candle holders made from upcycled material to our compostable unicoloured napkins. If you want to care for your guests and nature, look no further.

Rain? No problem

Dunitex® gives you the charm of a cotton tablecloth – and a 100% waterproof coating. After a shower just give it a quick wipe and you’re ready to go. 

Great for breezy spots

Napkin pockets, like our Duniletto® and Sachetto®, are great for dining al fresco. You can pre-fill them to save time and they won’t blow away once filled with cutlery.


Now all our LED Sets are water- and wind-resistant. What’s more, they offer a particularly warm light, as well as a choice of beautiful colours.


Want to tempt guests outside? Consider rain- and heat-proof LED Pillar Candle Outdoor, as well as the weatherproof Moody Maxi candle holder. Made from tactile silicone it won't break if dropped.

“Designed for professional use, our LED candles are great for outdoor spaces. They are water-resistant, remote controllable and rechargeable. Even better, they are long-lasting and stand out for their particularly rich, warm light.“

Mia Larsson, Category Manager, Candles and Accessories


Snack Sacchetto® is a neat solution that lets you take advantage of the growing get it to go trend. Greaseproof and FSC®-certified, it has an integrated pocket holding a 2-ply tissue napkin. Designed with versatility in mind, it comes in three sizes and is suitable for hot and cold food.

How refreshing

Made from top-quality materials, our crystal-clear glasses not only make smoothies and juices look mouthwatering; they are also very secure, as the lids and cups are designed to work together. What’s more they can be personalised too - so they offer a stylish, cost-effective opportunity to promote your brand.

create a colour explosion

“Inspired by colourful fruits and flowers, vibrant Summer Escape works beautifully at outdoors meals like BBQs. The design celebrates the beauty of nature by bringing together oranges, lemons and pansies.”

Simi Gauba, designer at Duni.


Handmade Candle Lantern Area is ideal for creating a cosy mood outdoors. Eye-catching and eco-conscious, it’s made from durable, biodegradable bamboo. It also lets you meet the growing trend for basketry and Rattan.


Our unique ‘one-stop-shop’ Duniform® concept is built on the idea that good food deserves good packaging – whether enjoyed indoors or al fresco. Now celebrating 40 successful years, this combines sealing machines, trays, sealing films, transport solutions and service and support – which are all designed to work together. 

personalise your success

Customisation is hot right now: in today’s globalised world people want individuality – whether choosing what to wear or where to go for dinner. Creating a personalised indoor/outdoor concept, comprising high-quality matching items, can go a long way to attracting them into your business. 

Working with our one-stop-shop, this is made easy. We offer top-quality printing and embossing, as well as a full range of products, from table covers to candle holders. We can even make specially designed packaging for you. That way you have total freedom to create individual experiences and stand out over your competition.