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Polardeli Take-Away Boxes

Making chilled food look good never felt so good


Fresh food deserves fresh-looking, eco-conscious packaging. We have created ecoecho® Polardeli take-away boxes with this in mind. Made from transparent recycled PET, they offer a stunning, angular design inspired by the natural forms of the Arctic. Suitable for chilled food, you can seal Polardeli take-away boxes with Duniform® machines – or with lids. Modular and stackable, they are perfect for creating delicious-looking displays.

ecoecho® REcycled pet

a new angle on upcycling

Polardeli take-away boxes are crafted to minimise impact on the natural world, which provides the inspiration for their design. Certified ecoecho®, they are made of transparent rPET, which is produced using 80-100% recycled plastic. Making chilled food look good never felt so good.


For over 40 years, the Duniform® concept has set the standard for simple, smart professional in-house packaging. Deli owners, hoteliers, restaurateurs and HMR managers have all used it to drive their success. Now, with the launch of the Polardeli concept, it offers a top-tier new solution for eco-conscious design lovers.


Upcycled modular Polardeli boxes come in sizes that reflect the growing popularity of small portions. Cleverly, the smallest „treat“ sizes neatly fit inside the larger sizes, opening up the possibility to offer tasty combinations. What’s more, the lids are stackable, which makes storage and service simpler. Plus, the design of the take-away boxes makes them a breeze to eat and pour from. And, you can hygienically seal them with Duniform® machines too, which extends shelf life.