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At Duni we are all about creating goodfoodmood. We love people with a passion for creativity, sustainability and gastronomy.

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Spring & Summer

Spring and summer collection

Our 2017 Spring Summer collection lets you fill the air with the energy, playfulness and uplifting colours. Timeless yet on-trend, it brings together pastel shades, floral motifs and vintage, modern and handmade touches.

On the practical side, our collection provides limitless ways for you to create goodfoodmood inside and outside – while showing care for nature by using eco-conscious materials. That way, you can paint wide smiles on your guests’ faces, come rain or shine.

Head to the Hamptons

“Hampton Blue offers a classic combination: marine, blue, red and white. We love the Hampton’s palette for being so sporty and chic.” Simi Gauba, Designer

Summer Dreaming

“Casablanca is inspired by kilims, mosaic tiles and artisanal craftworks. It hits all the right notes if you want a dreamy, exotic mood.” Simi Gauba, Designer


“With versatile Red Tulip, you can always bring the beauty of tulips is always around the corner.” Karin Nyhuis, Designer


Now water-and wind-resistant resistant, our LED candles work well outdoors and indoors. What’s more, they are remote controllable, rechargeable – no battery hassles! – and offer a choice of warm, white light or cosy multicolours.

A perfect marriage

 While every happy couple is different, they all want their big day to be their best day. Our collection gives you everything you need to make their dream come true – whether they want a classic or contemporary theme.

It offers top-quality, eco-conscious materials and formats for every need – ranging from exclusive Evolin® table covers and Duni Elegance® napkins to the stunning items in our Duni Amuse-Bouche® concept. These all offer a marriage made in heaven: the convenience of single-use and standout style.

A natural choice

As Spring warms up the world, the temptation to enjoy take-away food al fresco arrives. Today’s eco-aware customers want to enjoy the moment with packaging that shows care for the nature and works well.

Our collection gives you eco-conscious solutions for all types of food, such as our ecoecho® boxes made with CPET. These not only accentuate the appeal of your culinary creations; they are also super-convenient to work with and use. And they help to keep the great outdoors great!

Cosy. creative. convenient.

The Switch & Shine concept is a joy to work with. And it lets you meet the growing demand from people looking for a home-away-from-home and individuality when they go out. Like everything in our collection, it is designed with mixing and matching in mind.

Just choose the candle holder – we offer 15 colours of Switch & Shine Refill – to suit the mood you want. Then relax: the candles burn for 30-hrs, meaning less time spent changing them. Even better, the top-quality cup makes the lovely flame fully visible and keeps the holder clean too.

personalise your success

Customisation is hot right now: in today’s globalised world people want individuality – whether choosing what to wear or where to go for dinner. Creating a personalised indoor/outdoor concept, comprising high-quality matching items, can go a long way to attracting them into your business. 

Working with our one-stop-shop, this is made easy. We offer top-quality printing and embossing, as well as a full range of products, from table covers to candle holders. We can even make specially designed packaging for you. That way you have total freedom to create individual experiences and stand out over your competition.