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At Duni we are all about creating goodfoodmood. We love people with a passion for creativity, sustainability and gastronomy.

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Colours & Design

colours for goodfoodmood

Colour is Duni´s heart and soul, and each nuance in the Duni assortment is picked with the utmost care and respect. Today the unicolour range alone contains more than 20 colours: one for every mood, occasion and trend.

At Duni´s subsidiary Rexcell, the factory line that manufactures coloured paper hardly ever stops. No wonder its expertise in colour is almost impossible to beat. 

Colour is our history and our expertise, and we use it to create goodfoodmood in a great many ways. 


Working with colours

Karin Nyhuis, designer, explains how she crafts colours:

Q: Karin, where do you find colour inspiration?

A: Many places! Things I discover in shops, blogs, furniture, fashion reports and design fairs all help to give me inspiration.

Q: And then you come up with new colours?

A: Well, yes and no. Collecting insights is one thing but you also have to consider the emotional aspect: which feelings will the colour provoke? And, of course, you have to consider what our customers need and want.

Q: What’s the relationship between colours and goodfoodmood?

A: For me, goodfoodmood comes from combining good design, good food and good company in a way that stimulates all the senses. For instance, cleverly combined colours and structures can bring people together through creating a strong, shared sense of comfort, anticipation and exclusivity.

key ingrediens to design


"Simple, honest, clear, inspirational, functional, sustainable and affordable are the key ingredients of a good design.

Design should be deeper than what meets the eye. These days there is so much opportunity for sustainable design, which is a great direction to pursue.”

Simi Gauba, designer


Mint Blue

Imagine bathing in a beautiful lagoon, watching the waves play over the surface of the water. This is the inspiration for Mint Blue, which was added to the Duni colour scale in 2015. If you like the mood to be elegant, calming and sophisticated – yet at the same time uplifting and fresh – this shade could be just what you are after. 

up to date with slate

Rock slate has grown in popularity and is used in various restaurants for all kinds of decorative elements. Reflecting this, the new Duni colour Slate is inspired by this natural material and its lovely colour. It works especially well when the mood calls for cosy, contemporary and warm.

Sustainable design

At Duni, we are committed to operating in the most accountable, resource-efficient way we can. For us, innovation, quality, safety and environmental standards go hand in hand. Reflecting this, we take the lead when it comes to designing eco-conscious products which combine elegance, convenience and excellent functional performance. 

Examples of sustainably designed Duni products include:

  • Concepts in the ecoecho® range
  • Candles that carry the Svanen Ecolabel
  • Award-winning range of compostable unicoloured napkins and tablecoverings
  • Award-winning Pebble collection of bagasse plates and bowls