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At Duni we are all about creating goodfoodmood. We love people with a passion for creativity, sustainability and gastronomy.

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We supply goodfoodmood

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At Duni we supply innovative table top concepts, creative packaging and take-away solutions to professionals and consumers. Everything we offer is designed to create goodfoodmood and reflects decades of specialisation in materials and design.

Duni products, which are mainly single-use, are available in more than 40 markets across the world. We are the market leader in Northern Europe with 2,500 employees across 24 countries. Our HQ is in Malmö and we have production units in Sweden, Germany, Poland, New Zealand and Thailand. Duni is listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm.



Food is at the heart of every meal. And it should be. Food is a way to connect; it brings people together. Food is common ground. An inspiring setting will enhance any eating or drinking occasion and turn it into a memorable experience – a feast for all senses, not only taste. 

We are not merely a provider of napkins, tablecovers, candles, cups, plates and cutlery. We are the creators of anticipation, excitement, inspiration and surprises – all vital parts of a memorable lunch, dinner or party. 

Everything we innovate, everything we produce or source, everything we recommend or sell touches human senses – eyes, hand, mouth.  With an innovative and inviting framework we inject a good mood into any meal experience. 

We supply goodfoodmood.



At Duni we are passionate about being outstanding in our field; to grow into the world’s most attractive provider of inspirational table top concepts and creative take-away solutions. With our minds set on food, people and design we have the ambition to always supply goodfoodmood to any eating and drinking occasion.



Duni’s corporate social responsibility is part of our core business – we believe in paving the way in responsible operations and delivering goodfoodmood® throughout. Duni products should create good feelings. Only products made with respect for society and the environment we operate in will create that right atmosphere. Responsible business decisions are what make us accountable. Our Blue Mission is the programme platform for Duni Corporate Social Responsibility, setting targets and ways of working until 2020. We invite you to share our journey on creating goodfoodmood with care.



Duni Group is divided into four business areas: Professional Table Top, Professional Meal Service, Consumer and New Markets. This structure enables us to serve our different customer segments with optimal efficiency. 

Professional TABLE TOP

Primarily caters to customers who work within hotels, restaurants, catering and health & care. Product offering focuses on coordinated table top concepts, which unite matching napkins, table covers, candles and candle holders.

professional  meal service

Primarily caters to take-away driven restaurants, food retailers and health & care. Product offering includes standard, customised and specially made meal packaging solutions and serving products. For instance, glasses, cups, cutlery and sealable food boxes – such as those which form part of the Duniform® in-house packaging concept.


Caters to grocery retail trade chains, as well as specialty stores, home furnishing stores and e-commerce channels. Product offering includes everything from napkins, candles and table covers to plastic products, such as glasses, cups, cutlery and plates. 


New Markets is focused on all our markets outside Europe, so both Business-to-business and Business-to-consumer. Product offering covers everything in the Duni range, from napkins and table covers to food containers and cups. It also includes our customisation service. 


At Duni we build on well over 50 years of experience to offer a market-leading choice of unique premium, eco-conscious materials. These are used across our range and stand out for their superior functional and aesthetic performance. Most are single-use. They include Dunicel®, Dunilin®, Evolin®, Dunisilk®, bagasse and rPET.


Rexcell plays an important role in Duni’s airlaid and tissue-based material offering. Expertise in materials and production know-how lies behind the company’s market-leading position. All Rexcell’s production is exclusively for business areas within Duni.


Duni has a vertically integrated business model for the paper-based production. This means that the entire production and delivery chain is owned and controlled by Duni, from manufacture to distribution. Thanks to this value chain, we are material experts on napkins and table covers.

At our paper mill in Skåpafors, airlaid and tissue-based materials, as well as the unique table cover material Evolin ®, is produced and distributed to the different business areas within Duni. These materials are then converted into napkins, table covers, and other products at our converting factories in Germany, Poland, Thailand and New Zealand. The factory in Poland also produces paper plates.

In this way, Duni can offer attractive and functional products for every meal.

Financial services


European Finance Function – ‘Your Partner in Financial Outsourcing’ - specialises in finance and accounting. The company’s experienced personnel can take care of everything from daily and legal accounting to handling the entire outsourcing process. EFF offers mid-sized companies the same benefits that previously only were available to large corporations. In doing so, it makes start-up easier, and reduces costs and risks.  

Expanding footprint

The Duni family is growing, supported by acquisitions that reflect our focus on the key South East Asian markets. 


Song Seng Associates Pte Ltd was established in 1984. The company is a one-stop-shop for many food establishments in Singapore. It counts restaurants, coffee chains, fast food chains, hospitals, hotels, cinemas and airlines as its customers. Duni Song Seng is known for supplying quality and resourcefulness in developing products to precise specifications.

Terinex siam

Located close to Bangkok, Terinex Siam’s target markets include Thailand, Singapore and Australia. The company’s offering includes napkins and other disposable packaging products, such as aluminium foil and paper coasters. This complements the Duni premium product offering to create favourable conditions for increasing market share.


Paper+Design GmbH is committed to consistently developing new, creative ideas - and translating these into products of the highest quality. Qualified employees, state-of-the-art technological equipment, as well as efficient processes in administration, production and logistics have characterised the company since its establishment in 1999. Its headquarters is located in Wolkenstein, Germany.

Sharp Serviettes

Sharp Serviettes is a leading manufacturer and supplier of napkins, hygiene, and food service solutions in New Zealand. Also a Duni distributor, the company is a reliable partner to the HORECA and retail sectors in New Zealand, and provides an array of quality products that can be customised to match customer demands.

Biopac UK Ltd

Biopac is a leading supplier of sustainable disposable packaging for food and beverages in the UK. Biopac, located at Pershore, specializes in food packaging and service products created with sustainable materials.


BioPak is a leading supplier of sustainable disposable packaging for the food service industry in Australia and New Zealand. BioPak, located in Sydney, offers the most sustainable, environmentally conscious packaging products built on fibers, cardboard and bioplastics as well as a quick and efficient delivery process.

duni in the world



duni in the world



Since our inception in 1949, we have grown to become a fully international business – renowned for our expertise in materials and design. Once known as a Swedish producer of paper cups and napkins, we are now a market-leading provider of innovative, eco-conscious products for table-setting and take-away.


Duni´s first product, the waxed paper cup, has a story of its own. It all started in 1914 during a train journey. Dr. Crumbine, a quick-thinking Texas district medical officer, saw a little girl was about to drink from the same cup as a man with tuberculosis. To stop her getting infected he made her a cup by folding paper.


Our international expansion started in 1958 when we opened our first wholly-owned office outside Sweden, in Hamburg. In 1965, we began producing Dunicel® - which remains very popular today. This was the first unique premium material we brought to the market. Since then we have launched others, many others, including Dunilin® and Dunisilk® and Evolin®.


We launched the Goodfoodmood® brand platform and divided our operations into segment specific business areas – bringing us even closer to our customers. Meanwhile we reinforced growth with acquisitions. Post-2000, these include Duni Song Seng, Paper+Design, Terinex Siam, Sharp Serviettes, BioPak and Biopac. 

Management team

johan Sundelin

Born 1969

President and Chief Executive Officer of Duni since October 2017.

Johan Sundelin held the position of CEO for Santa Maria within Paulig Group. Before this, he was CEO at Abba Seafood within the Orkla Group.

Johan Sundelin is Director of Svenska Retursystem AB as well as DLF and DLF Service AB.

Johan Sundelin holds a MSc in Business Administration from Umeå and York University.

Shareholdings (own and related parties): 3,000 shares
Synthetic share options: 75,000 shares

mats lindroth

Born 1960

Executive Vice President Finance/CFO at Duni since 2009 and has been employed at Duni since 1987. 
Mats Lindroth holds a MSc in economics and business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics. 

Shareholdings (own and related parties): 25 200 shares
Synthetic share options: 12,500 shares

fredrik malmgren

Born 1974

Executive Vice President Operations at Duni since 1 March 2015.

Fredrik Malmgren's most recent position was as founding partner at Montell & Partners AB, where he primarily focused on leading production and supply chain projects for multinational companies. 

Fredrik Malmgren holds an MSc in Automation Engineering from Chalmers Institute of Technology, Gothenburg.

Shareholdings (own and related parties): 6,157 shares
Synthetic share options: 50,000 shares

Malin CulliN

Born 1972

Executive Vice President HR since January 2020

Malin comes from the role as Global Employer Branding & Talent Manager at INTER IKEA Group and has prior to that worked within the field of HR in several different companies, such as Tarkett and Lyckeby Culinar. Malin has combined 18 years of experience within HR from a variety of positions.  

Malin Cullin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and exam as officer in the Marines, submarine

Shares in Duni (own and related parties): 0
Synthetic share options: 0


Marielle Noble

Born 1974

Executive Vice President Communications and Customer Experience Director since September 2018.

Marielle has been employed at Duni since 2011 and has most recently been Marketing Director for Business Area Table Top, and prior to that, Marketing Director for Business Area Consumer. She has a solid background in marketing and corporate communications also from previous positions within PartnerTech and AudioDev.

Marielle Noble has a Bachelor of Communications from Lund University.

Shareholdings (own and related parties): 500 shares
Synthetic share options: 0 shares

magnus carlsson

Born 1976

Executive Vice President Corporate Development since September 2018.

Magnus has been employed at Duni since 2009 and comes from a position as Group Controller. Before that he worked in different controlling positions at Lindab AB and most previously as Business Controller Lindab Ventilation.

Magnus Carlsson has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Politics and Economics from Lund University.

Shareholdings (own and related parties): 1,500 shares
Synthetic share options: 37,500 shares


Born 1977

Executive Vice President Commercial since January 2020 and has been a member of the Duni Management Team since May 2012.  

Linus Lemark has been employed at Duni since 2007 and comes from a position as Director Business Area Meal Service which he will maintain until we find a successor. Before that he was Innovation Director at The Absolut Company AB and Vice President at Aquavit in New York. 

During the years 2007-2009 Linus Lemark was Corporate Development Manager respectively Marketing Manager Duni Food Solutions at Duni.

Linus Lemark has a MSc in economics and business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Shareholdings (own and related parties): 5,000 shares
Synthetic share options: 37,500 shares

Clas Thott

Born 1972

Executive Vice President Marketing since January 2020, and before that Marketing Director Table Top.

Clas Thott has experience as Marketing Director at AkzoNobel, Vice President Marketing at Hiab, and Global Marketing Manager at Hilding Anders.

Clas Thott holds an MSc in Economics & Business Administration from Lund University.

Shares in Duni (own and related parties): 1 500
Synthetic share options: 0


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At Duni we are all about creating goodfoodmood. Reflecting this, we employ people with a passion for creativity, sustainability and gastronomy.

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