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At Duni we are all about creating goodfoodmood. We love people with a passion for creativity, sustainability and gastronomy.

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We supply goodfoodmood

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At Duni we supply innovative table top concepts, creative packaging and take-away solutions to both professionals and consumers. Everything we create is designed to bring goodfoodmood to occasions where people enjoy eating and drinking.

Our products are found in over 40 markets and enjoy a number one position in Central and Northern Europe. We have about 2,300 employees in 23 countries. Our headquarters are in Malmö and our production units are in Sweden, Germany, Poland, New Zeland and Thailand. The company is listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm.



Embracing the emotional does not mean setting the rational aside. After all, providing our customers with first-rate products is how we bring goodfoodmood to the market. The napkins, tablecoverings, candles, cutlery, cups, and bowls we offer all reflect our technical expertise in bringing goodfoodmood to the table.



At Duni we are passionate about being outstanding in our field; to grow into the world’s most attractive provider of inspirational table top concepts and creative take-away solutions. With our minds set on food, people and design we have the ambition to always supply goodfoodmood to any eating and drinking occasion.



Food is at the heart of every meal. And it should be. Food is a way to connect; it brings people together. Food is common ground. An inspiring setting will enhance any eating or drinking occasion and turn it into a memorable experience – a feast for all senses, not only taste. 

We are not merely a provider of napkins, tablecovers, candles, cups, plates and cutlery. We are the creators of anticipation, excitement, inspiration and surprises – all vital parts of a memorable lunch, dinner or party. 

Everything we innovate, everything we produce or source, everything we recommend or sell touches human senses – eyes, hand, mouth.  With an innovative and inviting framework we inject a good mood into any meal experience. 

We supply goodfoodmood.




We have come a long way during our 60 year history! Once known as a Swedish producer of paper cups and napkins, Duni is now a leading international provider of premium packaging solutions, products for table-setting and take-away.
Our exciting journey began with the very first waxed paper cup and napkin made of thin, glazed crepe paper in 1949. The first waxed paper cup became the cornerstone product for the portfolio we have 60 years later.


Duni´s first product, the waxed paper cup, has a story of its own. It all started in 1914 during a train journey where Dr. Crumbine, a Texas district medical officer, prevented a little girl from getting infected with TB. She was about to drink water from the same glass a TB-infected man had used a couple of minutes earlier, but Dr. Crumbine stopped her in the nick of time and offered her a mug that he himself had folded out of a piece of paper.


In the late fifties, Duni started to work internationally. The first wholly-owned sales office outside Sweden was established in Hamburg. Over the next two decades, Duni expanded into many markets in Western Europe, as well as in the US.


Duni became main sponsor at the 2014 European finals of Bocuse d’Or, the world’s biggest gastronomic competition and supported Tommy Myllymäki at the finals in Lyon 2015.
Duni´s operations are divided into five business areas: Table Top, Meal Service, Consumer, New Markets and Materials & Services.
Germany-based Paper+Design group - a company with a strong position in the premium designed napkins segment (primarily for the consumer market) - is acquired.



Duni’s corporate social responsibility is part of our core business – we believe in paving the way in responsible operations and delivering goodfoodmood® throughout.

Duni products should create good feelings. Only products made with respect for society and the environment we operate in will create that right atmosphere.

Responsible business decisions are what make us accountable. Our Blue Mission is the programme platform for Duni Corporate Social Responsibility, setting targets and ways of working until 2020. We invite you to share our journey on creating goodfoodmood with care.



The Duni Group is made up of four commercial business areas, which include Table Top, Meal Service, Consumer and New Markets. Duni provides products for every drinking and eating occasion.

Professional TABLE TOP

Business-to-business. Primarily for customers working within restaurants, hotels, caterers and the public sector. 
Product offering includes table top concepts covering napkins and tablecoverings, as well as candles in matching colours and designs. 

professional  meal service

Business-to-business. Primarily for take-out restaurants, grocery store deli counters, caterers, the care catering sector and the food industry.  
Product offering includes standardised, personalised and fully customised meal packaging solutions and serving products. For instance, glasses, cups, cutlery and sealing food boxes that are part of the Duniform® concept.


Business-to-consumer. Via supermarkets, retail trade, but also specialty stores, home furnishing stores and e-commerce channels.
Product offering includes everything from napkins, candles and tablecoverings, to plastic products such as glasses, cups, cutlery and plates.  


Paper+Design GmbH table top, which was acquired by Duni in 2014, is committed to consistently developing new, creative ideas - and translating these ideas into products of the highest quality. Qualified employees, state-of-the-art technological equipment, as well as efficient processes in administration, production and logistics have characterised the company since its establishment in the year 1999 at its headquarters in Wolkenstein, Germany.


New Markets is focused on markets outside Europe both in Business-to-business and Business-to-consumer.
Product offering includes all parts of the Duni range such as napkins, tablecoverings, food containers, cups and customised products.


Song Seng Associates Pte Ltd (SSAS) was established in 1984. The company, which was acquired by Duni in 2013, is now one of the leading suppliers for disposable food service products in Singapore. Duni Song Seng is a One Stop Shop for many food establishments in Singapore and counts restaurants, coffee chains, fast food chains, hospitals, hotels, cinemas and airlines as its customers. The company is known for its ability to supply quality and displaying resourcefulness in developing products to specifications.


Rexcell is an important element in Duni’s business offering of airlaid and tissue based material and a fundamental factor behind our leading market position is the materials and production know-how at Rexcell.

Production consists of sales of goods to other business areas within Duni.


Your Partner in Financial Outsourcing - we specialise in finance and accounting. Let our experienced personnel take care of everything from your daily and legal accounting to the complete process.
We can take care of parts or all of the accounting process and offer mid-sized companies the same benefits that previously only were available to large corporations. With us, start-up is easier for you, lowering both your costs and risks.

Management team

johan Sundelin

Born 1969

President and Chief Executive Officer of Duni since October 2017.

Johan Sundelin held the position of CEO for Santa Maria within Paulig Group. Before this, he was CEO at Abba Seafood within the Orkla Group.

Johan Sundelin is Director of Svenska Retursystem AB as well as DLF and DLF Service AB.

Johan Sundelin holds a MSc in Business Administration from Umeå and York

University. Shares in Duni: 0

mats lindroth

Born 1960

Chief Financial Officer at Duni since 2009 and has been employed at Duni since 1987. 
Mats Lindroth holds a MSc in economics and business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics. 

Shares in Duni: 25,200

fredrik malmgren

Born 1974

Director Operations at Duni since 1 March 2015.

Fredrik Malmgren's most recent position was as founding partner at Montell & Partners AB, where he primarily focused on leading production and supply chain projects for multinational companies. 

Fredrik Malmgren holds an MSc in Automation Engineering from Chalmers Institute of Technology, Gothenburg.

Shares in Duni: 6,100

Sofie Lindström

Born  1974

HR Director at Duni since June 2016.

Sofie has been employed at Duni since 2007 and comes from a position as HR Manager for the Nordics. Before that she worked with Product Development in Table Top and as Category Manager for Meal Service. Prior to Duni, Sofie Lindström has held a Managerial position at Accenture.

Sofie has a Bachelor in Economics from Pacific Lutheran University in Seattle, USA. 

Shares in Duni: 400

Thomas Lööb

Born 1957

Corporate Development Director in Duni since 2012 and member of Duni Management Team since October 2015.

Thomas Lööb has been employed by Duni since 1996 and has held several positions within Innovation and R&D.

Chairman of the Board at Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid AB since 2014.

Thomas Lööb holds a Master of Science Chemical Engineering from University of Lund

Shares in Duni 6,000

robert dackeskog

Born 1971

Director Business Area Table Top since November 2015 and before that Director Business Area Consumer since August 2012.

Robert Dackeskog comes from the Findus group and has most previously been Managing Director Findus Denmark / Foodservice & Export Director within Findus Sweden.

Robert Dackeskog has a MSc in business administration from the University of Gothenburg.

Shares in Duni: 5,000

linus lemark

Born 1977

Director Business Area Meal Service since May 2012. 

Linus Lemark has before that been Innovation Director at The Absolut Company AB and Vice President at Aquavit in New York. 

During the years 2007-2009 Linus Lemark was Corporate Development Manager respectively Marketing Manager Duni Food Solutions at Duni.

Linus Lemark has a MSc in economics and business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics.
Shares in Duni: 5,000

anna lundqvist

Born  1973

Business Area Director Consumer since August 2016.

Anna has been employed at Duni since 2005 and comes from a position as Marketing Director for Consumer. Before that she worked as Sales Director for Consumer Nordics, and Business Controller at Table Top Nordics resp. Consumer. Prior to Duni, Anna has held a Management Consultant position at BearingPoint.

Anna Lundqvist has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Lund University.

Shares in Duni: 0

patrik söderstjerna

Born 1964

Director Business Area New Markets since January 2014.
Previously Director Business Development / New Markets and before that President of Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid AB since 2007.  

In the years before that Mr. Söderstjerna has been Chief Executive Officer of Zarlink Semiconductor AB, Advanced Printing Ascherleben GmbH and Finotech Verbundstoffe GmbH. 

Patrik Söderstjerna has a MSc in mechanical engineering from the the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University.

Shares in Duni: 8,700


In microeconomics and management, vertical integration is an arrangement in which the supply chain of a company is owned by that company. Usually each member of the supply chain produces a different product or (market-specific) service, and the products combine to satisfy a common need. It is contrasted with horizontal integration.


• Austria • Belgium • Czech Republic • Denmark

• Finland • France • Germany* • Hungary • Italy

• Netherlands • New Zealand* • Norway • Poland*

• Russia • Spain • Singapore • Sweden* • Switzerland

• Thailand* • United Kingdom

* Production


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At Duni we are all about creating goodfoodmood. Reflecting this, we employ people with a passion for creativity, sustainability and gastronomy.

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