A beautifully folded napkin adds a sprinkling of visual flair to any festive table. Check out our easy napkin folding films.

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At Duni we are all about creating goodfoodmood. We love people with a passion for creativity, sustainability and gastronomy.

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Successful restaurants are built on a reputation. And reputation is built on good food, good service and good mood. Our collection – which reflects decades of collaboration with top restaurateurs and specialisation in design and materials– gives you everything you need to create top-quality, coordinated table settings that match your concept and menu.

  • Virtually infinite creative freedom
  • Convenience of single-use
  • Unique eco-conscious FSC®-certified materials

Made with restaurants in mind

Chosen well, napkins enhance any meal. As napkin specialists for over 60 years, we offer an extensive selection of designs, compostable unicolours and qualities to suit all needs, moods and occasions. That way, you can also find the perfect match for your restaurant.

Premium quality table covers add to the appeal of food, improve acoustic comfort, and protect tables. They can even be used to bring guests together, as with Tête-à-Têtes. We offer tactile, unique eco-conscious qualities for all occasions, in a market-leading choice of styles and formats. But which is most you?

Quality candles not only create cosiness and anticipation; they can also attract passers-by into your restaurant. Specialists in professional-grade candles, we offer LEDs, traditional wax candles and a wide range of matching candle holders.

Questions we can help with?

We’d love to hear from you. Our team is standing by to offer advice on all our products and where you can buy them. And if you’d like a sales presentation we’re happy to organise that too.

ecoecho® range

Put care in the air

The ecoecho® range lets you lead the way when it comes to showing care for the environment. It provides some of the best – if not the best – products in the market that combine sustainability, quality and style.

Ideal for restaurants that prioritise respect for nature, the range offers solutions for every need. If you want to show that, for your business, quality, safety and environmental standards go hand-in-hand, it’s the natural choice.


Customised products are ideal for bringing individual restaurant concepts to life. Our experienced team can help you get top-quality, matching personalised items that show your food – and your business – in the best possible light.

We can organise:

  • Printed or embossed standard items from our collection
  • Fully customised solutions designed around your specific needs



Whether you want to bring your brand colours to life or simply create a special mood, our unicoloured napkins and table covers are ideal. They are compostable, match our candles and come in a rich choice of timeless nuances.


Textile-like brings together neutral materials, tactile structures, elegant simplicity – and the cosy charm of washed linen.

tone on tone

The trend for combining different shades of the same colour remains very popular. No wonder – it’s great for creating a warm, cosy, elegant mood.


Decoration celebrates the global melting pot and the renewal of traditional techniques and folklore. African fabrics, tie-dye, baskets, broken lines, stripes and rows of mini dots all play a part.


The best parties are the ones that begin with a buzz from the word go. Our collection offers a wide choice of designs that help you to start your celebrations with a bang – whether you are hosting a kid’s birthday or an office Christmas party.


Floral is inspired by our desire to take nature inside – and the countryside into towns. There is a strong feel of art d’eco to this theme.


When it comes to the mid-day meal, to hit the ‘sweet spot’ you need to balance cost-efficiency, quality and speed-of-service. From pre-folded napkins to rechargeable LEDS, our collection provides you with virtually limitless opportunities to do so.


Want to create the perfect canvas for your food, free staff time for guests and create a personal, relaxing mood? From luxurious Evolin® table covers to convenient Switch & Shine candles – which burn for 30 hours – our collection provides lots of inspirational, practical ideas.


Whether it’s an office party or golden anniversary, events offer a great business opportunity. Our collection helps you to seize this, whether are hosting a sit-down wedding, buffet or a themed party. It gives you infinite creative freedom, the convenience of single-use, and formats and qualities for all budgets.

Take away

The market for take-away food and drinks keeps growing. So does the demand from consumers for packaging that minimises environmental impact. Our ecoecho® range helps you to lead the way when it comes to offering this. It provides top-quality, practical solutions for virtually every need, crafted with some of the best – if not the best – eco-conscious materials available. Discover ecoecho®.

new & improved dunilin®

the ultimate linen look & feel

New softer, richer Dunilin® gives you the exclusive look and feel of linen– but unlike linen – flawless colours and folds. That way, you never need to check for imperfections. Even better, you can put the napkins out for composting, avoiding laundry hassles. The icing on the cake? you get a palette of designs, unicolours and new formats that make it easy to refresh your look -whenever you want.


Want to have the cosy glow of candlelight even where flames are prohibited? Maybe you’d like convenience of remote-control lighting? Or perhaps the creative freedom of multicolours? Check-out our professional-quality LEDs and matching holders.


“Evolin® is a light material that is easy to work with. So it’s good if you are short on time. Natural, fresh and incredibly soft, it gives a feeling of authenticity, which is important. And it is also made from renewable fibres.”

Jonas Sohlberg, Project Manager at Stadshusrestauranger, Sweden