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Transform your restaurant
from eat-in to take-out

Top Tips


Chefs and restaurateurs have always played an essential role in supporting their local communities. Managers can add a new chapter to this proud legacy by transforming their restaurants from eat-in into take-away businesses. Right now, we're helping many of our partners to successfully make the switch. These tips summarise the most effective reinvention strategies we see.

Transformation tip #1


Form new alliances and you can unlock new potential – especially in difficult times.

  • Work with a delivery company or a taxi firm to reach new customers.
  • Consider collaborating with a local partner – or a competitor - to broaden your appeal.
  • Approach food retailers to see if they will stock your meals.
  • And team-up with your customers by inviting them to promote your business on social media.


Restaurants are the lifeblood of local communities. By switching from eat-in to take-away, they can make a positive difference for society in worrying times – and meet the challenge of the tough new competitive landscape.


Transformation tip #2


They say necessity is the mother of invention. But while switching to offering to-go food is a must, remember to keep your ideas simple.

  • Stick to serving your best dishes.
  • Make it easy to order and pay.
  • Explore introducing lunch coupons.
  • Meanwhile aim to use versatile packaging that works for many of your meals.


Transformation tip #3


Asking “How can I help people?”, is a great way to approach promoting your business. Consider sharing your menu and exclusive deals via email, web and social media. You could also offer week-long deals, hampers and ready-to-cook meal kits. And, if possible, be there for your community. Can you give health care workers a special deal? What can you do for the elderly who miss traditional cooking?

Restaurants everywhere are showing incredible creativity by adapting to new conditions - in ways that benefit business and society as a whole.

Transformation tip #4


Repeat business comes from quality customer experiences. To help ensure that you leave your customers hungry for more take these steps.

  • Choose packaging that works best with the type of food you offer.
  • Make sure the lid shuts securely.
  • If possible, put in place a transport solution that keeps the food at the right temperature.  

Transformation tip #5


Remember that your packaging, as well as your food, sends a strong signal about your business. You can customise it to talk to your customers, share offers, and send a message about your values. As more and more restaurants enter the take-away space, brand building becomes increasingly valuable.

At a time when hygiene is on everyone’s mind, it may help to know that all our manufacturing sites and outsourced production from third-party suppliers fulfil the quality and hygiene standards specified in our Code of Conduct.
These are similar or equal to those set by standards such as BRC and HACCP.

Transformation tip #6


We need to keep looking out for each other and the natural world. So, whenever possible, use disposable packaging made from renewable or recyclable materials, and processes that limit environmental impact. Inform your customers about the eco-conscious choices you make - and bring an extra spark of comfort to their day. 


We can help you

Whatever take-away food or drinks you would like to serve, we can provide you with top-quality, sustainably designed packaging solutions. Our offering includes disposable boxes, bowls, plates and cutlery for all types of hot and cold meals. 

We can also assist you with expert advice on customisation, materials, hygiene, and how to minimise environmental impact.

All-rounder with a superior fitting lid


• Super-secure closing
• Compostable bagasse bases and lids
• Optional antifog 100% recycled RPET transparent lids
• Easy to carry
• Ideal for all kinds of hot and chilled food

Eco-conscious and convenient

Bagasse Boxes and Bowls

• Stackable
• Compostable bagasse bases and lids
• Bowls only: Optional antifog 100% recycled RPET transparent lids
• Boxes only: Convenient hinged lids
• Suitable for hot and chilled food

Bake a difference

Bloom Grass Paper Concept for Bakers

• Options for virtually all baked foods
• Designed in Sweden. Made in Germany
• Grass paper is very energy- and resource-efficient to produce
• Low carbon footprint
• Suitable for everything from baguettes to sandwiches, buns and cookies

Compostable and convenient

Sweet Cups

• Meet demand for eco-conscious cups
• Lids are made from plants
• Ideal for profile-printing
• Suitable for coffee, tea and chai

Sustainably designed and sturdy

Viking Cardboard Boxes

• FSC®-certified cardboard
• Tapered edges for strong leak resistance
• Stackable and modular
• Easy to customise with sticker or stamp
• Suitable for warm and chilled food

Heroes for burgers, fries and snacks

Snack Boxes

• Snack size portions
• Stackable
• Compostable bagasse
• Hinged lid
• For warm and chilled food

More satisfying soup experience

Soup Solutions

• Stackable
• FSC®-certified cardboard
• Customisable
• Lids with venting holes
• Suitable for warm and chilled liquid foods

Hygienic and high-quality

Cutlery Packs

• Convenient and hygienically packed
• Single item and multi-cutlery packs
• Made from renewable resources or 100% birch wood
• Suitable for all foods

Hygienic sealed packaging

Duniform® Concept

• Hygienically seal food and drinks
• One-stop-shop concept
• Combines machines, trays, sealing films, transport boxes and support
• Eco-conscious solutions for every size of business
• Suitable for virtually all foods and drinks

Innovative sealable sustainable design

Duniform® Forum Trays

• FSC®-certified cardboard tray with removable PE lining
• 85% less plastic than conventional alternatives
• Made in Europe
• Easy to recycle
• Suitable for warm and chilled food

Made from plants

Duniform® Bioplastic Trays

• Recyclable
• Microwarmable
• Translucent
• Suitable for hot and cold foods

Versatile and dependable

Duniform® PP and CPET trays

• Choice of shapes and compartment sizes
• Black and white available
• Robust and convenient
• Suitable for warm and chilled food, and freezing

Mindful material

Duniform® RPET Crystal Glasses

• Crystal-clear
• Made from recycled plastic
• Sizes for every beverage
• Leakproof
• Choice of lids available
• Suitable for cold beverages, desserts and snacks

Simplify delivery

Duniform® Bags and Boxes

• Keep food at the right temperature for longer
• Cooling and heating plates available
• Designed for efficient stacking and portability
• Optimised for Duniform® trays