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Dunilin® Max



Love to make a king-sized impression? Compostable Dunilin® Max opens up a new world of sumptuous, sustainable table-setting opportunities. Luxuriously sized at 60 x 40 cm, the napkin stays securely in place on laps and offers the charm of linen without any of its hassles. We can custom-print it for you too.

Make a statement

'Quality' consistently comes out as the most important factor for people deciding where to eat out. The opulent size, rich weight and elegant colours of Dunilin® Max let you underline your commitment to quality – from the moment your guests arrive at their table.

Make time to shine

No checking. No ironing. No starching. And no laundry. Compared to linen, Dunilin® Max napkins enable you to clear and set tables faster. The result? A more relaxed, professional ambience and more time to spend looking after guests.

Make it more personal

Research confirms what successful managers have always known: guests love the personal touch. Our experienced in-house customisation team can personalise your Dunilin® Max napkins to help you seize this opportunity.



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Make a bigger impression with Dunilin® Max

made for each other: Dunilin® & Evolin®

Dream of creating the ultimate linen look and feel? Dunilin® napkins and Evolin® table covers are a match made in heaven. The embossing is identical and they are perfectly colour coordinated. If you want to delight your guests with seamless table settings they offer a rare opportunity.