A beautifully folded napkin adds a sprinkling of visual flair to any festive table. Check out our easy napkin folding films.

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new ideas to make your tables sparkle

Want to add extra flourish to your set tables? Check out this selection of new concepts. Like everything else in our collection, they are designed to help you work smarter and fill the air with goodfoodmood.



The ideal Christmas napkin, new Dunilin® napkins fold beautifully and offer the ultimate linen look and feel. Always flawless colours and shape, they never need to be checked or laundered. That frees up time – helpful during the holiday rush. Even better, after use you can put them out for composting. It is the season to care, after all.

put wings on your concept

Keen to leverage maximum value from your brand? Our customisation experts can help. They can print and emboss many of the items in our collection, such as napkins, table covers and boxes. Plus, with our easy one-stop-shop service you get a wide choice of top-quality eco-conscious materials, products designed to work together and the security of a proven process.

stand for a brighter future

Want to attract eco-aware customers and limit the environmental impact of your business? Our collection, which includes the market-leading ecoecho® range is the natural choice for you. It offers a market-leading selection of compostable and FSC®-certified materials, Swan Ecolabelled candles and energy-efficient LEDs.

mood making made easy

To make mixing and matching effortlessly easy, we have divided our collection into three tiers: Wow, Joy and Go. You can use these a starting point to create the perfect mood for your concept and occasion. But don’t feel restricted. If combining solutions from different tiers is best for your vision, go for it! .


Small in size yet big in performance and cost-efficiency, the groundbreaking MINI LED Lamp delivers a total burn time equivalent to 2,500 standard tealights. Exclusively available from Duni, it is water- and wind-resistant, lasts for 13 hours and offers 12 beautiful colours, including warm white. Charging is easy too: as the bases link together, you can charge up to 24 LEDs at once – from just one plug.

questions we can help with?

We’d love to hear from you. Our team is standing by to offer advice on all our products and where you can buy them. And if you’d like a sales presentation we’re happy to organise that too.

NEW take-away eco-concepts for 2019

Ideal for fast casual, home meal replacement and food retail business, the new concepts we have created for 2019 are designed with nature in mind. You can use them to maximise efficiency, minimise environmental impact and present your food, drinks – and brand – in the best possible light.


Bakers have always enjoyed a close relationship with nature. Now they can deepen the connection with Bloom, an eco-conscious take-away packaging concept made using grass paper. This comprises modular trays, bags and paper wraps, which come in sizes for every need - from baguettes and sandwiches to biscuits.
It’s amazing what you can do with grass!



Perfect for the pick n’ mix food trend, the Coppa take-away bowl concepts lets you play with colours and create vibrant displays. It unites compostable bagasse bowls in three small-portion sizes and coloured, customisable FSC-certified cardboard lids.

The Coppa materials and colours are coordinated with the rest of the Duni collection. This brings limitless opportunities to create eye-catching eco-concepts which stand out on the shelf, build your brand and elevate any to-go dining experience.


Octabagasse take-away boxes take the classic Octaview design language and bring it to life with top-quality eco-conscious materials. Suitable for warm and cold foods, they offer bases made from compostable bagasse and new matching lids crafted from compostable bagasse or transparent 100% rPET.


The bagasse lids for Octabagasse take-away boxes stand out as elegant and eco-conscious. They enable you to offer a completely plastic-free, fully compostable Octabagasse solution.

In addition to the eye-catching Octaview design language, they offer a supremely secure fit thanks to clever integrated wings. Consequently, they help you to minimise spills as well as environmental impact.


It looks good and feels good. Unlike plastic alternatives, ergonomically-designed wooden cutlery is entirely natural. That way, it helps you to minimise the environmental impact of your business and ensure a great experience for your customers.

got a great idea?

Got a dream product in mind that isn’t in our collection? Or maybe you’ve got a suggestion for how to improve on something we already offer? Please get in touch. We are always open to new ideas and would love to hear from you.


Our consumer selection brings lots of new ideas to the table for 2019. In doing so, it provides with lots of new opportunities to add flair and fun to any eating drinking experience. If your customers are looking to you to help them to thrill their guests, it’s well worth checking out.


You can compost the napkins that carry the OK compost HOME label on the compost heap in your garden. This is because they compost at lower temperatures than used for industrial composting. In doing so, they begin the journey from end-of-life into a new resource!